Thursday, May 6, 2010

Holistic Lifestyles Radio Media Kit and Information

My name is John Hollis of Holistic Lifestyles Radio I started the show January 3rd ,2009. Our show is on the air 15 hours per week broadcasting from 1470 AM radio Beasley Broadcasting Group out of south Florida. We streamline our shows to many online social networks plus many independent websites around the world. The list below are the shows and times regarding our 15 hours per week.

Night Time Shows- Addiction Recovery Radio

Monday 10-11PM EDT – Ask the Interventionist – Ken Seeley of Intervention 911 & John Hollis

Tuesday 10-11PM EDT- Family Addiction – John Hollis

Wednesday 10-11PM EDT- Away Of Life Though The Steps – John Hollis

Thursday 10-11PM EDT- Relapse Prevention- Terry Gorski & John Hollis

Friday 10-11PM EDT- Recovery & Relationships- Dawn Masler

Sunday 9PM-Midnight PM EDT – Addiction Recovery Talk – John Hollis & Christopher J. Doherty Of The First Step Sober House.

Day Time Shows – Mind, Body, and Spirit Radio

Monday 2-3PM EDT – Wellness & Nutrition – John Hollis

Tuesday 2-3PM EDT- Spiritual Recovery- John Hollis

Wednesday 2-3PM EDT- Community Health- John Hollis

Thursday 2-3PM EDT- Open Forum-John Hollis

Friday 2-3PM EDT- Healthy Relationships- Dawn Masler

Saturday 4-6PM EDT – That Sci-Fi Show- Joey Donovan & Chris West

If you take the time to look though our media kit you will find that all of the information on our multimedia advertising and sponsorship is all outlined in how it works. Please feel free to call me at anytime 954-826-4920 to go over this information. We have one purpose at Holistic Lifestyles Radio to help carry the message to people that need hope. My vision is to have many folks like Ken Seeley and Terry Gorski help me carry our message. Please help us to spread the message of hope to the masses by sponsoring one of our 15 shows per week.


John Hollis-

Co-Founder of Holistic Lifestyles Radio

Advertise With Holistic Lifestyles Radio:

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Reference Letters:

“I strongly recommend that you included Holistic Lifestyles Radio Show in your marketing mix.”

To Any Prospective Holistic Lifestyles Radio Show Advertiser. My Name is R. Scott Armbruster, CEO of Sound Pillow and proud supporter of Holistic Lifestyles Radio Show. I have been working with Holistic Lifestyles Radio Show and John Hollis for several months an I am very pleased with the initial results. We at Sound Pillow have noticed both an increase in phone calls into the office and orders through our web site. Based on these initial results, we plan on being a supporter and partner of Holistic Lifestyles Radio Show., for the foreseeable future. I have also found that Mr.Hollis’ support of our endeavors is only exceeded by his passion for helping others achieve a truly healthy lifestyle, through the holistic approach to healthy living and overall well being. And after getting to know Mr.Hollis, I have found him to be a genuine and dedicated individual. I strongly recommend that you included Holistic Lifestyles Radio Show in your marketing mix. Sincerely, R. Scott Armbruster – CEO Armbruster Enterprises, Inc
Company Information

Sound Pillow
San Antonio, Texas 78213

Phone: (210) 798-2204
Fax: (210) 798-2210
Toll Free: (877) 846-6488

“As You Know My Third Renewal Is Coming Up And You Can Count Me in For Another 3 Month Multi Media Sponsorship Advertising”

John,Thank you, for the time and energy you have spent in making my media campaign. When I first ran my ads I was skeptical, but it turned out to be a pleasure to deal with you and your staff with good results. As you know my third renewal is coming up and you can count me in for another 3 month sponsorship. Feel free to have any potential advertisers call me for a reference any time. Keep up the good work. Chris Doherty The 1st Step Sober House 623 East Atlantic Blvd. Pompano Beach, Florida 33060 Office Phone: +1 (954) 942-7414 Fax Number: +1 (954) 942-2595
“I Would Gladly Tell Any One Looking to Market with John Hollis and the Holistic Lifestyles Radio Show to Move Forward”

To Whom It May Concern, My name is Kristy Summers L.C.S.W. P.A. I have been a psychotherapist in private practice for 20 years in Miami, Florida. Serving all of South Florida, specifically Miami and Ft Lauderdale.

I specialize in relationship addiction, chemical dependency, intimacy issues, codependency, eating disorders, sex addiction, and marital & family counseling. I would like to take this time to thank John Hollis and the Holistic Lifestyles Radio Show for all the marketing ideas and concepts they helped to teach me. They put the concepts into place and seven days later I had my first three clients from the radio show. My sponsorship and advertising ran for twelve weeks on the Holistic Lifestyles Radio Show and when it ended I had lots of exposure and many new clients from all of Holistic Lifestyles Radio Show’s efforts. I would gladly tell any one looking to market with John Hollis and the Holistic Lifestyles Radio Show to move forward and know they will do every thing to make your advertising experience a good one. Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have. Yours truly, Kristy Summers L.C.S.W. P.A. Phone #: 305-525-9840 Office Located at: 20377 NE 15th Ct., 2nd floor North Miami Beach, Fl, 33179

“I’m Renewing and I Would Highly Recommend and Suggest Advertising on Holistic Lifestyles Radio Show To Many Other Establishments”

To: John Hollis Holistic Lifestyles Radio Show WWNN 1470AM To Whom It May Concern: I would like to take the time to thank John Hollis for the wonderful opportunity to be a part of the Holistic Lifestyles Radio Show program. This program is awesome and is paving the way for people to be open minded about holistic healing and spiritual enlightenment. It has provided me with a forum for increasing my client base and sparking interest in the many methods of holistic healing that exists. My sponsorship has been and will continue to be the best investment on marketing and promoting my holistic establishment. I am confident that John Hollis will take Holistic Lifestyles Radio Show to the next level by giving many other holistic establishments a venue to promote their services. I would highly recommend and suggest sponsorship to many other establishments.

Yours truly,

Rashid Saker