Thursday, December 23, 2010

Belief: The Value of Snow at the Holidays � Holistic Lifestyles Radio

OK, this one is so common that I almost forgot it….for those raised in areas of the country where it snows in winter, the holidays simply do not seem the same without snow on the ground. In fact, for some individuals, without snow it simply is not a holiday time.

As an individual who was raised in Iowa, snow on the ground was certainly common during the holidays. In fact, I can’t remember a Christmas without snow on the ground, the temperatures below freezing, and the furnace working overtime. And, now that I am living in a more temperate climate where (at least at this time) we do not have snow on the ground, I can fully appreciate the feeling that it simply is not the holidays without snow.


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Alcohol Drug Free Sober Vacations « Holistic Lifestyles Radio

Alcohol Drug Free Sober Vacations � Holistic Lifestyles Radio

The Seaside Park Hotel Inn is a sober retreat and hotel. Come visit us on your next sober vacation. The Seaside Park Hotel Inn is a place to come and heal mind, body, and spirit. Come join us in Pompano Beach, Florida where you can have your next retreat for your sober network event or spiritual retreat we have many resort packages.

The mix of Florida sun shine and the smell of the ocean right outside your door are therapeutic for anyone seeking to rest and reflect away from the hustle and bustle of life. What a great way to spend your vacation in south Florida but a alcohol and drug free vacation right on the beach.


Sunday, December 12, 2010

9PM EST Sunday The Ex-Drummer for The Del Fuegos New CD Review « Holistic Lifestyles Radio

9PM EST Sunday The Ex-Drummer for The Del Fuegos New CD Review

Woody Giessmann, who is best known for his work with Boston band The Del Fuegos, has just released a collection of songs he wrote on piano. The songs are available by download or purchase a CD at: or on

Click To Buy CD

Woody wrote and performed the songs live at Right Turn on June 5th, 2010 along with local musicians Jon Cohan, Richard O’Connell, Philip Kaplan, Dana Shellmire, and David Scholl. All of the proceeds for this 10 song CD benefit addiction services of Right Turn, Inc, an innovative outpatient clinic in Arlington Massachusetts. The songs on the CD are about Giessmann’s experiences with the dark side of addiction.

Right Turn Records Presents

Woody Giessmann (and The Silverbacks)

Live at Right Turn – June 5th, 2010

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Award-Winning Author M. B. Weston � Holistic Lifestyles Radio

Hey all Chris West Here with another Scifi Blog to prep you for Saturdays show! This week friend of the show and Flick Chick Michelle B. Weston joins us, as we review the yearend review in all things Books!


That Sci-Fi Show

Dec 11: 4 to 6pm EST
Michelle Weston author of "Elysian Chronicles"will join us in a discussion about the year in review of sci-fi and fantasy literary works.


Friday, December 10, 2010

9PM EST Sunday The Ex-Drummer for The Del Fuegos � Holistic Lifestyles Radio

9PM EST Sunday Night on Rockers In Recovery we have Woody Giessmann the ex-drummer for The Del Fuegos on with us talking about his new CD release “Live at Right Turn” which is now out and available by download or to purchase a CD.
Listen Live on WWNN AM 1470 in south Florida or by clicking on the WWNN radio streamer link


Thursday, December 9, 2010

Rockers In Recovery « Holistic Lifestyles Radio

Rockers In Recovery

Rockers In Recovery radio show is dedicated to news, interviews, events, and festivals taking place in the rock and roll industry in the world of bands or musicians who are in recovery or support recovery.

AM Radio Schedule

AM Radio Schedule

Holistic Lifestyles Radio On WWNN 1470 AM Can Be Listened To Live 15 Hours Per Week From A Real Radio Station WWNN AM 1470 (Not A Do It Your Self Internet Radio Show)

This Works Out To Sixty Four One Hour Shows Per Month. Seven Hundred Seventy Four Shows Per Year. All Of Holistic Lifestyles Radio Show’s Are Produced Though The Second Largest AM & FM Radio Station Network In The United States Beasley Broadcasting Group Which Has Forty Seven AM & FM Radio Stations.


Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Valentines Day Love Of Recovery Free Concert

Saturday February 12, 2011 1PM- 8PM EST Headlining: Ricky Byrd formerly of Joan Jett And The Blackhearts also scheduled to perform are: Johnny B. and the Road Dogs, Rhetoric,Thrown Alive and Keep Coming Back.


Monday, December 6, 2010

Renewal Centre at Crossroads � Holistic Lifestyles Radio

The Renewal Centre at Crossroads is designed to offer people in various stages of recovery an opportunity to revive and refresh, their recovery experience. We provide a safe, supportive environment to explore various issues with an emphasis on creating balance in one’s life. Through staff facilitation and group interaction, participants experience a powerful week of self awareness and rediscovery.

All of our recovery retreats are founded in the Twelve Steps as well as the Crossroads Centre whole person approach to recovery. This means that in addition to Twelve Step studies, lectures, facilitated group discussions and individual assignments, participants are introduced to complementary therapies such as: yoga, fitness activities, meditation, and massage therapy. Our recovery retreats, while providing an opportunity for intensive self-discovery and awareness, also combine off -site activities unique to Antigua to make for an enriched experience. As our participants know only too well, Antigua is the perfect place to continue the journey of recovery.

Please note: If in recovery, these programs are designed for individuals with a minimum of 60 days of abstinence/ sobriety. People who are actively using alcohol or drugs additively are not appropriate for this program. Crossroads Centre is an alcohol and drug-free facility and all participants are expected to adhere to this policy.


Drug Rehab Centers Reduce Stress Though Sound � Holistic Lifestyles Radio

Sound Pillow represents another way in which the philosophy of holistic healing is used to support the physical, mental and spiritual growth for addicts. Healing Sound Pillow uses a pillow to reproduce sound from any listening device to help addicts to reduce stress and create a sense of balance within and around them. Traditional spiritual and healing practices have recognized the power of sound for thousands of years. Chants, church bells, drumbeats and sung or spoken rituals have been used to alter moods, create different energy states and to facilitate communication with spiritual powers throughout history.


Saturday, December 4, 2010

That Sci-Fi Show Holistic Lifestyles Radio

That Sci-Fi Show, covers everything Science Fiction related: TV shows to Movies, Fantasy, Horror, Table Top Games to Video Games, From Comic Books to Novels, They cover it ALL! Get to know your hosts Chris West, Joey Donovan, and Sci-Fi Amy
The latest in sci-fi news on “That Sci-fi Show,” Every Saturday from 4pm-6pm, EST on the Holistic Lifestyles Radio Network on WWNN-AM 1470. Listen online at


That Sci-fi Show a Holistic Lifestyles Radio Network Production � Holistic Lifestyles Radio

The “Holistic Lifestyles Radio Network”, is multi media and has over 300,000 online listeners and or blog readers, We are live on the air 15 hours per week on the 50,000 watt mega station WWNN 1470AM Radio, where our signal reaches 6 counties in South Florida with a potential listening base of 50,000 per show.


Strange Silence Surrounding the Subject of AIDS � Holistic Lifestyles Radio

Today I propose to take you on your first journey deep into the rat hole that is modern medicine. A pharmaceutical/medical complex that exists to pander phony toxic drugs and useless vaccines to a gullible world in exchange for a trillion dollars a year.