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What Does Relapse Look Like ?

When an individual becomes sober they are starting to engage in what you may think of as a new and unnatural pattern of behavior for them. What this means is that their normal behavior, which they have learned and become accustomed to , has involved a drinking /drugging life style with all of the possible behaviors which tend to go along with that lifestyle They may be desperate to change their life but at the same time they are in a way comfortable with that life and have great difficulty changing. People who get sober are usually provided with a strategy for them to utilize in order for them to be able to stay sober and to also change their perceptions, beliefs, behavior, morals, actions, and their life priorities. They are in effect reintegrating themselves back into “normalcy”.

Their strategy for staying sober may involve various actions they must take to give themselves the best chance of remaining sober. These may include participation in 12 step recovery, addiction treatment, ongoing therapy, medication, meeting and forming bonds and relationships with other sober people and many others. It is when someone begins to depart from their strategic sobriety plan that the risk of relapse occurs. And, relapse is not just a one time event of using drugs again after a period of sobriety. Relapse is gradual process involving the person’s complacency and failure to do the things that were recommended for them to do to stay sober and this process can take a lot of time i.e., the gradual deterioration of their sobriety until they do eventually pick up a drink or drug. And there may also be environmental “triggers” which set off the persons drug and alcohol centered thinking once again. These triggers must be explored, the person must learn to self identify their own triggers and they must develop an action plan when they realize that their thinking and behavior is being influenced by such triggers.

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Challenges has a wide assortment of materials available which will provide insight into our treatment facility and programs, including folders, brochures, CD Videos, photographs, and others. Click Here To Request Information

Challenges Relapse Treatment & Prevention Program
5100 Coconut Creek Parkway
Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33063

(888) 755-3334 Toll Free
(954) 917-3334 Local

Thursday, April 22, 2010

That’s why I’m such a big fan of Willard Water.

Health practitioners have known since the dawn of time that proper nutrition, vitamins and minerals can prevent disease and lead to an overall healthier life. Americans spend more than $2 trillion every year on health care but only about $5 billion of that is spent on vitamins, supplements and other forms of preventative medicine. Why is it that most other countries place emphasize maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle but we Americans still persist in largely ignoring preventative measures and instead continue relying almost entirely on drugs and medicine given during sickness to make us “healthy?” I’m proud to say that I’m one of those few Americans who lives and practices a healthy lifestyle and firmly believes in preventative medicine to keep my body healthy so I’m better able to resist disease and prevent sickness before it has a chance to take hold in my body. That’s why I’m such a big fan of Willard Water. Willard Water helps our bodies absorb more of the vitamins, nutrients and minerals we need to maintain proper health and is an important part of a good daily supplement routine. You can find out more about Willard Water by visiting their website at drwillard.com or calling toll free at 888-379-4552. Listen To Show By Clicking On mms://streamer3.securenetsystems.net/WWNN

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10 PM EDT April 20 Live Holistic Lifestyles Radio. "The Addict’s Mom" is a group focusing on the needs and support for mothers of addicted children.

Our Co-Host Tonight Is Barbara Theodosiou the founder The Addicts Mom. The Addict’s Mom is a group focusing on the needs and support for mothers of addicted children and we provide a refuge in which mother’s can find love, hope, peace, and joy one day at a time by providing an atmosphere for learning, spiritual growth, and sharing without shame and guilt. The Addict’s Mom is dedicated to addressing the mother’s pain by taking the focus off our addict and onto self, our walk with God and spiritual growth. “What lies behind us and what lies before us are small matters compared to what lies within us.” ~Ralph Waldo Emerson We as mother’s of addict’s do not own anyone an apology for being a mother. We are not responsible for our children’s successes nor are we responsible for the failures. But more importantly, the commonalities of our experiences illustrate we are not alone where one word, one story can help change her perspective for the better.


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Addiction Recovery Radio

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Every Thursday 10PM EDT Starting April 28,2010 On Holistic Lifestyles Radio - Relapse Prevention With Terry Gorski.

About Terry Gorski

Terence T. Gorski is an internationally recognized expert on substance abuse, mental health, violence, & crime. He is best known for his contributions to relapse prevention, managing chemically dependent offenders, and developing community-based teams for managing the problems of alcohol, drugs, violence, and crime. He has extensive experience working with employee assistance programs (EAP) and has special expertise in working with emergency professionals including fire, medical, and law enforcement. He is a prolific author and has published numerous books and articles.

GORSKI-CENAPS Model Recognized by NIDA

In its publication Approaches to Drug Abuse Counseling (ADAC) The National Institute of Drug abuse (NIDA) recognized the top three "best known and most respected treatment approaches in the United States." as the Hazelden Foundation, the Betty Ford Center, and the GORSKI-CENAPS Model.

Mr. Gorski has developed three dynamic video tape series:
Series 1: Addiction: A Biopsychosocial Model
Series 2: Recovery: A Developmental Model
Series 3: Relapse
The basic principles of the GORSKI-CENAPS Model

Mr. Gorski Is A Best Selling Author

His Books:
Are written in clear, simple, and easy to understand language
Are well organized, interesting and easy to read
Present practical information that can be used immediately

Mr. Gorski Statement Below:
“Addiction Is Not A Crime, It's A Treatable Illness. Addicted People Are Not Criminals Who Need To Be Punished, They're Sick People Who Need to Get Well”.

To Contact Mr. Gorski

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15 Hour Per Week Schedule Of Mind,Body,Spirit and Addiction Recovery Talk Radio On Holistic Lifestyles.

The Holistic Lifestyles Radio Show can be listened to on WWNN Am Radio 1470. Holistic Lifestyles Radio Production provides an interactive means of involving online streaming listeners from around the world every show we broadcast live through the following websites.

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Tuesday 10-11PM EDT- Family Addiction – John Hollis

Wednesday 10-11PM EDT- Away Of Life Though The Steps – John Hollis

Thursday 10-11PM EDT- Relapse Prevention- Terry Gorski & John Hollis

Friday 10-11PM EDT- Recovery & Relationships- Dawn Masler

Sunday 9PM-Midnight PM EDT – Addiction Recovery Talk – John Hollis

Day Time Mind, Body, and Spirit Shows

Monday 2-3PM EDT – Wellness & Nutrition – Dr. Larry Goodman

Tuesday 2-3PM EDT- Ask The Spirit Realm

Wednesday 2-3PM EDT- Community Health

Thursday 2-3PM EDT- Open Forum

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Saturday 4-6PM EDT – That Sci-Fi Show

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Every Monday Night At 10 PM EDT On Holistic Lifestyles Radio “Ask The Interventionist” Ken Seeley Call(347) 637-3655 Or (888)-565-1470 Ask Questions.

Interventionist Ken Seeley Of Intervention911 Is Now Taking Live Calls Every Monday At 10 -11PM EDT From WNN 1470 Am And Blog Talk Radio “Ask The Interventionist” Call (347) 637-3655 or 888-565-1470.

Hello WNN 1470 AM & Holistic Lifestyles Radio Listeners I’m Ken Seeley from Intervention 911 every Monday night at 10 PM EDT you can listen to John Hollis and Myself on Holistic Lifestyles Radio Show ”Ask the interventionist”. We will be talking about all forums of addiction related Interventions Call 888-565-1470 At 10PM To Ask Questions live on the air on the Holistic Lifestyles Radio “Ask The Interventionist Show” . I look forward to hearing from you.

Ken Seeley Ken Seeley Board Registered Interventionist (Level) II Registered Addiction Specialist Certified National Drug & Alcohol Interventionist

The mission of service to the recovery community begins with Intervention 911 founder Ken Seeley. Certified by the National Association of Drug and Alcohol Interventionists, Ken has been professionally and personally involved in the recovery community for over 16 years and his experience and enthusiasm is reflected throughout Intervention 911.

Mr. Seeley himself has been clean and sober since July 14, 1989. He has worked in recovery full time in many different capacities ever since but his most gratifying work has been the organizing of countless interventions.

Ken explains why he created Intervention 911, “There is nothing more rewarding than helping to bring the health I cherish to others.” He takes personal pride in his team of interventionists and each of his clients.

Word of Ken Seeley’s success rate as an interventionist has piqued the interest of doctors and other health care professionals. He is often asked to provide drug intervention training for addiction and mental health professionals. He has recently been involved in television programs about interventions and welcomes any opportunity to share his knowledge to increase the chances of successful interventions while avoiding dangers.

Ken’s extensive professional experience as well as his personal history in recovery gives him a comprehensive understanding of addict behavior, thought processes and compassion for his fellow addicts.

The stress of an addict is a huge weight to burden love ones with. Ken will help to relieve the anxiety caused by feeling helplessness and powerlessness. He works with many different treatment facilities and will find the one best suited for your needs. He will give you a course of action to start the one you love on the road to a healthier and more productive life.

In Face It and Fix It, Ken Seeley’s guide to learning what denial truly is and how it keeps us from being stable and happy, Ken shares the tools he uses with some of his toughest clients to help us put an end to denial before it takes over our lives. www.intervention911.com.

Thursday, April 8, 2010


There is a buried treasure
In the center of your soul
Its value you can’t measure
Its content you can’t hold.

There is a fertile garden
In the center of your soul
Where the soil begins to harden
When addiction takes its toll.

There is a sacred temple
In the center of your soul
Where the silence quiets the mind
Where serenity can’t be stole.

There is a loving Spirit
In the center of your soul
Let it guide you on your journey
Let it take you to your goal.

There is a road less traveled
In the center of your soul
Where mysteries are unraveled
Where the truth will make you whole.

Come meet the timeless teacher
In the center of your soul
Discover the precious diamond
Hidden in the coal.

Namaste, (The light in me “honors” the light in you.)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

2PM EDT April 7,2010 Atlantic Shores Hospital We Will Be Talking About How To Help Loved Ones Who Don't Want Help. It's Called The Marchman Act ..

Marchman Act Information...



What is a Marchman Act?

A Marchman Act is a means of providing an individual in need of substance abuse services with emergency services and temporary detention for substance abuse evaluation and treatment when required, either on a voluntary or involuntary basis.


How are voluntary and involuntary Marchman Act admissions different?

A voluntary admission is when a person who wishes to enter treatment for substance abuse applies to a service provider for voluntary admission.

An involuntary admission is when there is good faith reason to believe the person is substance abuse impaired and, because of such impairment, has lost the power of self control with respect to substance use; and either has inflicted, attempted or threatened to inflict, or unless admitted, is likely to inflict physical harm on himself/herself or another; or the person's judgment has been so impaired because of substance abuse that he/she is incapable of appreciating the need for substance abuse services and of making a rational decision in regard to substance abuse services.


Are there other criteria to know if a Marchman Act is appropriate?

Yes. There is an additional criterion for a voluntary and involuntary Marchman Act that is not included here. For example, a minor may seek voluntary admission for substance abuse services without parental or guardian consent.

A law enforcement officer may take a person into protective custody when the minor or adult appears to meet admission criteria and is brought to the attention of law enforcement or is in a public place.


Who can file an Involuntary Marchman Act Petition?

In addition to a law enforcement officer's authority to implement protective custody measures in emergency involuntary situations, a private practitioner, the person's spouse or guardian, any relative of the person, the director of a licensed service provider or the director's designee, or any three (3) responsible adults who have personal knowledge of the person's substance abuse impairment or, in the case of a minor, the minor's parent, legal guardian, legal custodian or licensed service provider can file an Involuntary Marchman Act Petition.


How do I file an Involuntary Marchman Act Petition?

If you have personal knowledge of the person's substance abuse impairment and believe that because of the impairment the person has lost the power of self control with respect to substance abuse and you have reason to believe that the person has inflicted or is likely to inflict harm on himself, herself or others unless admitted or; the person is incapable of appreciating the need for care because of the substance abuse, you may file a Marchman Act Petition.

You will need to contact a service provider and confirm that a bed is available should the court find it necessary to enter an order authorizing the involuntary assessment and stabilization of the person.


Where do I file a Marchman Act Petition?

A Marchman Act Petition may be filed during normal business hours in the Clerk's Office Of Your County.

What do I need to bring with me?

You will need to bring some form of identification (including social security number and date of birth) and an address or location where the person can be located by the sheriff's office.


What will happen after I file a Marchman Act Petition?

After you complete the Marchman Act Petition, the court will review the petition and if the person is represented by an attorney, conduct a hearing within 10 days; or, without the appointment of an attorney and relying solely on the contents of the petition, enter an order authorizing the involuntary stabilization and assessment of the person.


How long can a person be held on a Marchman Act?

A person may be detained for involuntary assessment and stabilization for a period not to exceed 5 days.

Contact Atlantic Shores Hospital For More Information:
Atlantic Shores provides acute inpatient treatment for a wide variety of psychiatric disorders and chemical dependencies in a safe, secure and nurturing environment for adults 18 and up. This curriculum-based program is designed to address elements and behaviors common to those challenged by substance abuse and/or mental health issues.

Just as people are different, their treatment requirements are different. For that reason, Atlantic Shores offers several treatment options, depending upon the patient’s physical and psychological needs. Each individualized treatment plan focuses on attainable short and long-term goals established with input from the patient's family and referring professional, if appropriate. Families are an integral part of the treatment process and are encouraged to participate in the program so that both patients and families learn appropriate, healthy ways of coping with life and changing behavior patterns.

Atlantic Shores Hospital

4545 North Federal Highway

Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33308

Calvin Smith 786-355-3581 Direct Line


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Monday, April 5, 2010

"Water is truly the elixir of life" 60-70% of the human body is made up of water and water plays a key role in maintaining the body’s health.

Blood is mostly water, and our muscles, lungs, and brain all contain a lot of water. Our bodies need water to transport nutrients to our organs, deliver oxygen to our cells, remove waste, and protect our joints and organs. Clearly the water we put into our bodies plays a key role in our overall health. That’s why I’m such a big fan of Willard Water. Dr. Willard’s patented micelle catalyst alters water in the body so it becomes wetter, more reactive and more efficient. In a nutshell, drinking Willard Water helps the water in our bloodstream do its job better. One of the immediate benefits of drinking Willard Water is improved nutrient assimilation. Willard Water seems to break down food particles better than normal water therefore greater amounts of vitamins, minerals and nutrients become available to make our bodies healthier. The greater activity of the Willard Water also seems to aid in the breakdown and removal of waste from the body so it’s a much more efficient toxic cleanser. You can find more information on Willard Water by visiting their website at www.drwillard.com

PO Box 4040
Rapid City, South Dakota 57709

Phone: (605) 343-8100
Fax: (605) 343-0109
e-mail: drwwater@gwtc.net

Listen To John W. Willard III Tell The 35 Year History Of Willard Water On Two Episodes Of Holistic Lifestyles Radio:

What is Willard Water®? Show Date 3/1/2010

Holistic Lifestyles Radio Guest Willard Water® Show Date 4/5/2010

Brain Training Centers of Florida Helping Addicts To Recover With A Mind,Body,And Spirit Treatment Plan.


To date, Brain State Technologies of Scottsdale, Arizona has provided successful life changing “brain training” for more than 7,000 individuals across the United States and around the world. Many of these initially presented with issues of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, chronic depression and/or anxiety being critical factors in their substance abuse/dependence; many of these factors seemed to be causing multiple relapses following traditional treatment modalities. At the same time, however, the primary focus of BST has been to ameliorate the physical and emotional suffering of the ever increasing numbers of men and women who have sought the assistance of BST and/or its affiliates while continually updating BST computer technology and neuro-biofeedback programs. As a result, long term and large number empirical studies have not yet been completed and are still approximately 18 months to two years away.

Brain Training Centers of Florida was established in early 2008 to incorporate BST programming into alcohol and drug addictions programming in South Florida. Skip Flynn, Psy.D., CAP has been registered by Lee Gerdes, BST founder and CEO, to develop specific outpatient and inpatient brain training protocols for clients who are abusing and/or dependent on alcohol or drugs. With this goal in mind, BTCF has developed effective outpatient alcohol and drug treatment programs wrapping the treatment around Brain Training.

At present, the preferred operating protocol for “brain training” is an Intensive course of one 90 minute assessment and thirty 90-120 minute brain training sessions. The assessment now includes 17 electroencephalogram readings from the temporal, parietal, optical and frontal lobes and along the midline of the brain. Three one-minute readings – eyes closed, eyes partially open and eyes open – are completed for each combination of electrode placements with a final two setting combination.

Within minutes of the initial assessment, Brain Training protocols – a total of seven segments (matrices) of neuro-biofeedback for each 90 minute training session – are developed by the local (daughter) and Scottsdale-based (mother) computers. Each matrix will target specific areas of the brain with sound energies designed to promote balance/homeostasis between and among brain areas. Ideally, clients will undergo ten sessions within five days – allowing new neuro-pathways to crystallize or become permanent.

Experience in Scottsdale and in offices throughout the U.S. have indicated that Brain Training has proven extremely effective in quickly and significantly relieving cravings, mitigating depression, lowering anxiety levels, and improving the client’s sleep – in quality and duration.


Within twenty-four hours of admission to The Triage Outpatient Treatment Program, a patient will receive a 90-minute Brain Training assessment; within the first 96 hours of admission, a patient will receive a minimum of six full 90-120 minute Brain Training session and four more sessions with the next ten days. The client would then have one week of regular cognitive behavior based treatment, followed by another five day ten session Brain Conditioning intensive program. (or another ten sessions scheduled however the client wants to schedule them).


Brain Training Centers of Florida is licensed and certified to operate the brain training system provide by Brain State Technologies. The equipment is monitored and maintained by both organizations. The staff at Brain Training Centers is exceptionally qualified to provide the highest levels of treatment counseling available. Please see the staff CVs below.

Dr. Francis J. “Skip” Flynn

Geoffrey A. Cole


Brain Training Centers of Florida

Brain Training Centers of Florida
305.412.5050 - Office
305.733.0518 - Dr. Francis (Skip) Flynn, Psy.D, CAP
305.796.6979 - Geoff Cole

Thursday, April 1, 2010

“The attainment of greater humility is the ‘foundation principle’ behind each of the Twelve Steps.” (12&12 P 70)


Without some degree of humility, no alcoholic or addict can stay sober. Nearly all of us have found that unless we were willing to develop - much more - of this precious quality than what was required just for sobriety, we still didn’t stand much chance of becoming truly happy. Without humility, it’s difficult to find a useful purpose for our lives, or, in adversity, be able to summon the faith that can meet any emergency.” (12&12 P 70)

Where humility had formerly stood for a forced feeding of humble pie, as we began to learn more about this step, and the true meaning of humility, we began to see it as the - nourishing ingredient - which could give us SERENITY. This improved perception of humility started another “revolutionary change” in our outlook. Our eyes began to open to the immense values which come straight out of - painful ego puncturing. We began to “see.” We began to “listen.” Everywhere we looked, we saw failure and misery transformed, by humility, into priceless assets. We heard story after story of how - humility - brought strength out of weakness, courage out of fear, and gratitude out of self-pity. In every case - pain - had been the price of admission into a new life. But this “admission price” purchased more than we expected. It brought a measure of humility, which we soon discovered to be - a healer of pain. We began to fear pain less, and desire humility more. (12&12 - P 74, 75)

During this process of learning more about humility, the most profound result of all was - the change in our attitude toward God… We began to get over the idea that the Higher Power was a sort of “major league pinch hitter” to be called upon - only in emergencies. Many of us who thought ourselves “religious” woke up to the limitations of this - self-serving and self-centered attitude. The notion that we could still live our own lives, God helping a little now and then, as we went from crisis to crisis, began to evaporate.” (12&12 Page 75)

“As we explore our attitude toward humility, it might be well if we inquire, once more, just what our deeper objectives are. Each of us would like to live at peace with ourselves, with our loved ones, with our neighbors, etc. We would like to be assured that the grace of God can do for us what we cannot do for ourselves. We have seen that character defects - based upon short sighted or unworthy desires - are the obstacles that block our path toward these objectives. We now clearly see that we have been making - unreasonable demands - upon:

· Ourselves

· Others, and

· God

And the “chief activator” of our defects had been - self-centered fear:

FEAR that we would lose something we already possessed, or

FEAR that we would fail to get something we demanded.” (12&12 Page 76)

“Fear – it was an evil and corroding thread; the entire fabric of our lives - was shot through with it.” (A.A. P 67)

“We were driven by a hundred forms of fear…”


Wasn’t it because self-reliance failed us?

Self-reliance was good, as far as it went, but - it didn’t go far enough.

Some of us had great self-confidence, but it didn’t fully solve the fear problem - or any other.

When it made us cocky, it was worse. Perhaps there is a better way – we think so. For we are now on a different basis, the basis of - trusting and relying upon - God’s guidance and direction. We - trust - God’s infinite wisdom rather than our own finite selves. We are in the world to play the role He assigns. Just to the extent that we think, feel, or act as we think He would have us think, feel, or act, does He enable us to - match calamity with serenity.

Namaste, (The light in me “honors” the light in you.)

Jack Kelly
G And G Holistic Drug Rehab Center

The Brain Training Centers of Florida utilizes state-of-the-art technology to optimize the brain for life-changing results!

– We train our bodies to be in shape – now we can train our brains to be fit, balanced and focused!

Brain Training Centers of Florida (BTC) offers the revolutionary Brain Wave Optimization with Real Time Balancing™ technology that addresses the condition and balance of the human brain through a sophisticated neuro and biofeedback system.

The “Brain Training” method engages state-of-the-art computer technology and specially designed neuro feedback and EEG equipment that captures and analyzes the energy levels of the brain. Brain Wave Optimization/RTB is utilized to help individuals with a wide range of disorders, as well as those who want to enhance their creativity and intellectual or athletic performance. This technology has been very successful in treating ADD, ADHD, PTSD, OCD, depression, addiction, sleep problems, and an array of other physical and mental issues.

We are currently working with eight different individuals to assist them with a wide range of difficulties. Our current clients include;

- a 19 year old girl with an eating disorder – She reports that her eating has improved significantly.

- a 50 year old woman with depression, PTSD, anxiety and on-going trauma. – She reports that Brain Training is saving her life.

- a 10 year old boy with A.D.D. – A.D.H.D. – We are optimistic, but no results yet.

- a 46 year old man with depression and addiction issues. He reports better sentiment and no addiction issues today!!!

- a 26 year old woman with eating disorder issues, depression, anxiety and anger issues – She reports no eating issues today, but is still struggling with her depression and anger issues. We will be working further with her soon.

- a 57 year old man with addiction, depression, ADHD, focus, and anger issues – He reports that he is feeling much better and is excited to continue working with us.

- a 54 year old man with anxiety issues – He reports feeling much calmer and focused.

- a 20 year old woman with addiction and eating issues. – She is starting with us today! More reports will follow.

For more information, please contact us at 305-796-6979.