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Faith is Pro-active

Faith is Pro-active « Holistic Lifestyles Radio

Faith is Pro-active

by Holistic Lifestyles Radio on Mar.28, 2011, under Home

Relationships are the Primary Meal

Carol Harblin (CHHC)

I was watching Little House On The Prairie this weekend and one particular episode made me really stop and think. It was the episode when Laura and Almanzo are expecting their baby….but tragedy ensues their little home life.

First, Almanzo suffers a terrible illness that leaves him paralyzed and a hail storm wrecks his crop….
Then a tornado wipes out their house….

But let’s examine the positives. There may not seem like there is much to be happy about, but there is.

Almanzo’s physical paralysis and the crop disaster are a part of Almanzo’s depression…but all while he suffers, he has Laura’s presence and her prayers and faith as they get by.

Then the tornado wipes out their home and then Laura becomes emotionally paralyzed. It’s Laura’s turn to give up…and it’s Almanzo’s turn to step up and give her prayers and miracles.

Laura and Almanzo and the whole family present them with spiritual support and prayers. Faith is much more than a word to say, it’s the act of living each day with pro-active positive steps. Faith is not about isolating and giving up. Faith is about working hard and working with your loved ones.

Almanzo gave up trying to walk as long as things were done for him. But then he realized that he had to help himself to help his wife and baby. He could no longer feel sorry for himself. Laura needed him more than ever.

A marriage is built upon the equal strength of the wife and the husband. One hand washes the other. When the chips are down, the unity and the loving partnership enhances more.

Faith was alive and well in the Ingalls family. They never gave up on each other and the more tragedy fell upon Laura and Almanzo the more love was given. Faith helped Pa Ingalls and Almanzo rebuild their house. Faith supported their love. Love supported their faith.

Faith is pro-active as we keep walking our journey with positive loving steps.