Friday, March 25, 2011

Past Guests

Past Guests « Holistic Lifestyles Radio

Past Guests

The “Holistic Lifestyles Radio Network”, is multi media and has over 300,000 online listeners and or blog readers, We are live on the air 15 hours per week on the 50,000 watt mega station WWNN 1470AM Radio, where our signal reaches 6 counties in South Florida with a potential listening base of 50,000 per show.

Holistic Lifestyles Radio Networks WWNN 1470 AM streamer has an average 600 live listeners online per hour totaling out at 36,000 live online listeners per month. Holistic Lifestyles Radio Network on Blog Talk Radio has had over 108,000 archived download listeners in the year of 2010, on top of the live streams and AM Radio listeners we average 9000 archived show downloads per month. We have produced over 750 live shows in two years grab a seat and enjoy some of our guests we have interviewed below.

Holistic Lifestyles Radio Network produces several different shows to help balance out our listening base. Some of these are: Rockers In Recovery, Holistic Lifestyles Radio Show, East Coast Music Scene, That Sci-Fi Show, The Shift Guru, The Legal Hour, and Defend Your Money Radio.

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Richie Supa with Host John Hollis Ricky Byrd Guest Mike Zito Guest Ed Marshall Guest
Erin Hamilton Guest Patric Duff Guest Dudley Taft Guest Blues Buda Guest
Selfish Steam Guest Kasim Sulton MusiCares Patti B.
Chad Smith Mark Lunholm Jerry Jennings Jeff Kazee
Woody Giessmann  Barry Goudreau Sherri Pose Colin McGuinness
Laura CMusic Natural Habit Eric Clapton's Crossroads Center Palm Partners