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Annie’s Call

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Annie’s Call
by Holistic Lifestyles Radio on Apr.20, 2011, under Home
As you know, over the course of the last fifteen years; I spent hundreds of hours talking to clients and customers, doctors, clinicians and other counselors servicing all walks of life in a variety of fields. I have invested a great deal of emotional, physical, and financial resources as well. From a purely “business perspective,” there has been little to no ROI (Return on Investment); at least not financially.
So why do I keep it alive? Why is it still available and evolved into the Sound Pillow Sleep System? Because I believe that God places people on our path at the right time. In many cases, he sends them to us when we need them most. We just have to be willing to recognize and listen to the message. How does this apply to the Sound Pillow? This is the second installment in the Three Phone Calls series: Stories of my experiences with three unique individuals of which I had three profound conversations.
Annie’s Call – Yet another instance where I was at the office early, the voice mail system did not pick-up, so I had no choice, but to answer the phone (remember, I am not a morning person). I answered the phone, but before I could finish my professional “Good morning. Thank you for calling…”
“I just tried to kill myself.” – an exhausted female interrupted.
I was not sure what to say, so i responded “First, don’t do that. Second tell me what happened.” I am not trained in this area and just did not know what to do or say. So I stayed silent and listened. I listened to Annie tell me about her Tinnitus and how it is so loud and so bad, she had not slept in five years. And she just could not take it anymore. She just couldn’t cope without getting any real sleep. So she stepped out in front of a New York City bus. “But the damned thing stopped!” she said with some anger. She was so full of despair and hopelessness I just listened with tears streaming down my face. Then she told me how a friend, that she just so happened to see in the elevator, suggested she call me about the Sound Pillow. We spoke for about 45 minutes.
“Annie. I will make you a deal.” – I said. “If you promise not to do anything to hurt yourself and if you even think you might hurt yourself, you promise to call me first, I will send you a Sound Pillow, today.
No charge. You will have it tomorrow. But you have to promise and call me in two weeks. Deal?
Annie agreed.
About two weeks later I received a call from a very upbeat and happy individual. “You don’t know who this is. Do you? It’s Annie! Annie from New York!” – I was floored. This was not the same person I had spoken to just two weeks prior. That person was exhausted and so desperate she stepped in front of a city bus trying to end her life. But now, I could literally hear the smile on her face and joy in her voice.
“You’re sleeping. Aren’t you, Annie!” - I knew she was finally getting meaningful sleep.
As Annie told me about her new lease on life and what the Sound Pillow meant to her, the tears started streaming again. This time I was filled with joy and a bit overwhelmed by the success story unfolding. And I finally understood it. I got it! I understood what sleep really meant and the role the Sound Pillow played in helping people get a truly meaningful night’s sleep. And when we sleep, we heal both physically and mentally. I really understood it now. And the proof was talking to me on the phone.
A phone call really can make a big difference and a meaningful night’s sleep can change your life. Call Sound Pillow, today at 877-846-6488 and experience the difference a meaningful night’s sleep can mean for you or a loved one. Or visit us on the web @