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What Is GODpillow?

What Is GODpillow? « Holistic Lifestyles Radio

What Is GODpillow?
by Holistic Lifestyles Radio on Apr.21, 2011, under Home

GODpillow was born out of necessity…life literally brought me to my knees – or one can say….drugs and alcohol brought me to my knees so that I would connect with my Higher Power which I called GOD. Being inspired I created the “GODpillow”, but I didn’t stop there…I realized I need gentle reminders to get me centered throughout my day, whether visually, auditory, sensory or tactile. So at you will find various products to meet those needs, so you can design your own Sacred Space…

What did you say? What’s a GODpillow? Well the answer is simple, it is BOTH a prayer kneeler and a meditation bench. The reason why I have two different categories is simple, people identify differently to both of those intentions. To me, I am not attached to the posture of kneeling or sitting in meditation – what is important is the ability to be still. In order for me to be still, I must be comfortable, AND the reason to be still? To hear God speak….hence the GODpillow. Also note: Inspirations may differ in those Prayer categories, and those of Meditation Categories…check out both!

Now the Inspirational Pillow is a throw pillow with embroidered messages- which evolved for those who do not, or will not kneel in prayer or sit in meditation. For me the pillow is a mental door opener – it allows one to pause…in order to read it…who knows where that intention will lead…maybe a prayer or a moment of contemplation.

So browse around my website, get involved in prayer and mediations, and feel the transformation. Share your story we are anxious to hear the healing that happens.

GODpillow is GOD-CENTERED and is not affiliated with any sect, denomination or organization.

May God reveal to you,
His purpose in your life
and bless you abundantly.
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