Monday, February 8, 2010

A New Paradigm to a Healthier Life By Holistic Lifestyles Radio Blog Writter Carol Harblin.

A healthy life is not just consuming vegetables, fruit, and whole grains – it is adapting to a healthier lifestyle. A healthier lifestyle encompasses a new perspective on life as a whole, not just with food. Living holistically is to balance the mind, body, spirit away from conventional methods. It is about taking back your body and giving it the respect it deserves.

Health is basically the absence of sickness. Normally, when someone is otherwise healthy, he or she goes about a normal daily routine of work and home life; a normal daily routine could be drinking diet soda, coffee, and fast food. Does this look like a healthy lifestyle? That sort of living will almost always see sickness, and yet people want to resume such a lifestyle and not change their mindset.

Changing gears in health paradigms is to really be present and look at themselves from the outside and see what they are eating and what their lifestyle behaviors are on a daily basis. Becoming a holistic person is to become attuned to your body and mind.

It’s liberating to switch from conventional to holistic. To be free of a negative mindset that traps you into believing one particular side. Let’s flip the coin and take a go at holistic life for a while.

Holistic lives still get sick. The difference is that people who are holistic know they are ‘human beings’ and that it is important to slow down. People of conventional thought still believe they are ‘human doings.’

The word “holistic” can confuse people who have never really heard of it before. It is a simple word that means “Keep it simple.”

When you go food shopping, buy fresh food and food that has simple ingredients. The longer the ingredient list, the more chemicals inside that food and therefore won’t benefit your health.

Remember, if a child can’t pronounce an ingredient then it probably isn’t something you want to eat.

Being holistic also means being attuned to your
body. Go slow, chew your food well, and
embrace change.

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