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Are You an Empath?

Are You an Empath? « Holistic Lifestyles Radio

Are You an Empath?

by Holistic Lifestyles Radio on Mar.14, 2011, under Home

The Shift Guru

Are you sensitive to the events that are occurring in the world today? Do graphic and violent movies or TV shows impact you negatively? Do you become exhausted simply dealing with the events affecting individuals around you, whether you know them or not?

Many individuals, perhaps you, are dealing with the aspects of being an empath; are becoming exhausted by the challenges of this time in our history; and are being confronted by empathy fatigue.

In this show, The Angelic Realm and Barbara’s guest, Yvonne Perry, will address the challenges of being an empath in this time in history. The Angelic Realm, in their normal no-nonsense manner will address the role of empath as They perceive it. Barbara’s guest, Yvonne Perry, will discuss all that she ahs discovered as she has lived the life of an empath and her newest book Whose Stuff is This? Finding Freedom from the Thoughts, Feelings and Energy of those around You. Host Barbara Joye concludes the show by bringing to light the various nuggets of gold shared by The Angelic Realm and Yvonne augmented these nuggets with additional understandings which she has learned as she is living the life of an empath.

Join us for this amazing show as The Angelic Realm, Yvonne Perry and Barbara Joye share their insights and observations so you may enhance the life you are living, whether you are an empath or a energy sensitive individual or know someone who displays the signs of absorbing the energy from others.

At the Creating Café, Barbara Joye, The Shift Guru, will discuss societal perceptions that you may want to consider shifting; guests who will share how they are shifting their life and her famous ‘Conscious Creating’ segment where she brings in the Angelic Realm to share their perspectives on life and living.

If you have ever wondered why your life is as it is; if you have ever desired anything different in your life and wondered how to create such a difference; if you are simply an individual with an open mind and a questioning nature, you will want to begin this series and follow the shifts that occur in your life as you begin to consciously create your own life.

You will be delighted and amazed and shifted with this inspiring and enjoyable show. Tune in to WWNN AM 1470, Boca Raton, Florida and listen every Wednesday at either 2:00 PM EST or 10:00 PM EST or listen at your leisure at

Barbara Joye is The Shift Guru. Her focus is assisting individual like yourself to discover and shift their limiting perspectives and beliefs on life, so they may create the life of their dreams. Visit Barbara on her website at, explore her Book The Creating Formula, Speaking topics and Guide session’s offerings to see how she can assist you in creating the life you desire and deserve.