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Dan Ascani

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Dan Ascani

by Holistic Lifestyles Radio on Oct.12, 2010, under Home

Dan Ascani is our guest on WWNN 1470 AM radio on The Holistic Lifestyles Radio Network Today at 2PM EDT. We will be talking about wealth issues and how to defend your investments.

Ascani Wealth Management is a full-service wealth manager located in the Golden Bear financial center in North Palm Beach , Florida. Specializing in discretionary account management for individuals and corporate retirement plans, Ascani Wealth Management is an office of independent brokers and financial advisors introducing accounts to major clearing firms such as Fidelity, TD Ameritrade, and Pershing.

As independent advisors, Ascani Wealth Management publishes its own market research, views, and use its own proven proprietary models for active account management. Its advisors are not “married” to the proprietary products and funds typical of wire house platforms. Instead, client financial goals and risk tolerance levels are used to match up nearly any investment product available on the Street.

Ascani Wealth Management uses Kovack Securities, Inc., member FINRA/SIPC, and Kovack Advisors, Inc., for its back office operations, compliance, and new accounts processing. Ascani Wealth Management is an Office of Supervisory Jurisdiction registered in the state of Florida and supervised by Kovack Securities, Inc. Lead by Dan Ascani, a veteran advisor and broker of 27 years, Ascani Wealth Management employs its own staff for research, trading, and financial advisor functions.

DanA licensed professional of over 25 years, Dan Ascani has provided individual and institutional investors with consulting and investment services ranging from hard-dollar research and forecasting to trading systems and individually managed accounts. Whether for mutual funds, hedge funds, Registered Investment Advisers, or individual investors, Dan’s expertise in developing and executing investment strategies has been recognized by many well-known investment firms.

Since the early 1990s, prominent financial institutions such as the Rushmore Funds (now known as the Capiello-Rushmore Funds), the Rydex funds, the Rogers Raw Materials fund, the Perth Mint of Western Australia, and the Weiss Group have turned to Dan for counsel and strategy development. Dan’s assistance with strategy development and execution for the initial six Rydex funds helped launch Rydex into a multi-billion dollar fund company used by many investors and investment advisers. Dan’s work with exchange traded funds and hedge funds, including those using gold and other commodities, and his work in providing trading systems to professional money managers, has caused investors to seek out Dan’s services.

Formerly the Executive Vice President of Weiss Capital Management, Inc., a Registered Investment Adviser managing approximately $370 million for private and high net worth investors, and its subsidiary, Weiss Capital Securities, Inc. a FINRA-registered broker/dealer, Dan manages individual accounts and securities brokerage services through his firm, Ascani Wealth Management, LLC. Dan holds NASD Series 7, 24, 63, and 65 securities licenses and introduces accounts to Fidelity Investment and National Financial Services, a division of Fidelity, through Kovack Securities, Inc.. Dan has also held a Series 3 commodities license since 1983 and is Managing Director of Gemini Futures, LLC., a CFTC-registered futures Introducing Broker, and Commodity Trading Advisor. Dan’s product development expertise has him providing gold and foreign currency futures management services to clients.

Previously, Dan provided hard-dollar research and proprietary trading signals to private and institutional investors through his firm, Global Market Strategists, Inc., which licenses Dan’s proprietary quantitative model for investing with ETFs to Registered Investment Advisers such as Weiss Capital Management for separately managed accounts programs. As a sub-adviser, Dan is the portfolio manager for three ETF programs in which Weiss Capital Management clients are invested. There is no relationship between Kovack Securities, Inc., or Kovack Advisors, Inc,. and Weiss Capital Management, Inc., or Weiss Capital Securities, In

Dan Asacni the host of Defend your Money radio show on WSBR 740 AM can be listen to Monday – Friday 6:30 AM & 5PM, and Saturday 12:30 AM. Tune in and be a part of defending your money and investments.

You can also contact Dan Asani if you would like to promote your products or services on his showto his network The Asani Wealth Network.

Contact Dan toll free 1-877-578-5788