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Sound Pillow Attitude is everything

Sound Pillow Attitude is everything « Holistic Lifestyles Radio

Sound Pillow Attitude is everything

by Holistic Lifestyles Radio on Oct.08, 2010, under Home

Sound Pillow Blog – October , 2010

Attitude is everything!” I had been hearing that since I was too young to remember. And quite frankly, I was pretty tired of hearing it. After all, how could “attitude” really be “everything?”

And then my company and family were met with one of the most trying experiences of our lives – a devastating embezzlement perpetrated by a close employee, friend and “family” member.

We had nothing, well significantly less than nothing…So I decided to try this “Attitude is everything!” thing…Why not? I had nothing to lose.

At first it was pretty hard…the stress seemed insurmountable, the “stupid conversations” racing through my mind screaming “How?” & “Why?”…The days were long and sleep was fleeting.

So I picked-up a “Self-Hypnosis/Meditation” CD, got comfortable and listened each night with my Sound Pillow…I even went to bed 30 minutes earlier to “build-in” this relaxation time for myself and my Sound Pillow. After about a week, I went from “how the heck will we get through this?” To “we will get through this and become stronger from it!” I had my Positive Attitude and I ran with it…

And we did it. We got through it. And my family and company are much stronger from having gone through it…And, yes, we now live and work by that “Attitude is everything!” thing.

I truly credit that Hypnosis/Meditation CD, the Sound Pillow, and my relationship with God, for giving me the “Positive Attitude” I needed to get through the “embezzlement years.” Because that “positive attitude,” which was much easier to maintain with a good night’s sleep, gave me the energy I needed to both take on the exhausting challenges I faced and seize control of the day.

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