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AM Radio Schedule

AM Radio Schedule « Holistic Lifestyles Radio

AM Radio Schedule
Holistic Lifestyles Radio Network On WWNN 1470 AM Can Be Listened To Live 18 Hours Per Week From A Real Radio Station WWNN AM 1470 (Not A Do It Your Self Internet Radio Show)
This Works out to Seventy Eight Hours of broadcasting per month. All of Holistic Lifestyles Radio Show’s are produced though the second largest AM & FM Radio Station Network In The United States Beasley Broadcasting Group Which is a publicly trade company and has forty seven AM & FM Radio Stations nationwide.

Holistic Lifestyles Radio Network Show Times and Hosts:
Every Night From 10PM-11PM ET
Monday 10-11PM EDT – Host Will Grayson “Rockers In Recovery”
Tuesday 10-11PM EST- Rockers In Recovery
Wednesday 10-11PM EST- Shift Guru
Thursday 10-11PM EST- The Legal Hour – Robert Gluck
Friday 10-11PM EST- Rockers In Recovery
Sunday 7PM-12AM EST – Rockers In Recovery

Every Day From 2PM-3PM ET
Monday 2-3PM EST –Rockers In Recovery
Tuesday 2-3PM EST-Rockers In Recovery
Wednesday 2-3PM EST-Barbara Joye- The Shift Guru
Thursday 2-3PM EST- East Coast Music Scene- Bubba Mac
Friday 2-3PM EST- The Legal Hour – Charles Bechert
Saturday 3-4PM EST- The Legal Hour – Robert Gluck
Saturday 4-6PM EST – That Sci-Fi Show- Chris West and Sci-Fi Amy
Holistic Lifestyles Radio program is a paid program by Holistic Lifestyles Radio Inc on WWNN 1470 AM RADIO and Beasley Broadcasting Network. All Production produced by Holistic Lifestyles Radio Inc and the Holistic Lifestyles Radio Show Sponsors.
The “Holistic Lifestyles Radio Network”, is multi media and has over 300,000 online listeners and or blog readers, We are live on the air 18 hours per week on the 50,000 watt mega station WWNN 1470AM Radio, where our signal reaches 6 counties in South Florida with a potential listening base of 50,000 per show.
Holistic Lifestyles Radio Networks WWNN 1470 AM streamer has an average 600 live listeners online per hour totaling out at 36,000 live online listeners per month. Holistic Lifestyles Radio Network on Blog Talk Radio has had over 108,000 archived download listeners in the year of 2010, on top of the live streams and AM Radio listeners we average 9000 archived show downloads per month.
Holistic Lifestyles Radio Network provides SEO on site for client landing pages that rank higher in most cases than their own home website. Our blog readers visit our site at the rate of 2000 registered readers (and growing) and over 15,000 visitors per month with over 54,000 total page turns per month. We blog once a week for all of our accounts and each blog is optimized to receive the highest-ranking possible. All permanent links and blogs are in our system for up to 1 year of contract termination.
Holistic Lifestyles Radio Network has over 30 Social Media sites we are involved with. Some of the networks have over 100,000 members where we post events and or special offers from our client’s products and or their services, we also stream and blog to all of these networks as well.
Holistic Lifestyles Radio Network produces several different shows to help balance out our listening base. Some of these are: Rockers In Recovery, Holistic Lifestyles Radio Show, East Coast Music Scene, That Sci-Fi Show, The Shift Guru, The Legal Hour, and Angels Side By Side Radio.
Holistic Lifestyles Radio Network produced many live broadcasts in 2010. We did live broadcasts from Las Vegas, Boston, Atlanta, Orlando, North Miami, Pompano Beach, and the Florida Keys. We put ourselves in front of over 40,000 new listeners and blog followers, and we make our marketing packages to include your information to be included at such events. We are looking forward to the 10 we have planed in 2011.
Holistic Lifestyles Radio Network looks forward to speaking to you about how we can help you with all of your marketing and branding needs.
Please contact us at 877-799-8773 or 954-826-4920 to receive our media kit and references.