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The Early Morning Call About Meaningful Sleep

The Early Morning Call About Meaningful Sleep « Holistic Lifestyles Radio

The Early Morning Call About Meaningful Sleep

by Holistic Lifestyles Radio on Apr.13, 2011, under Home

The Sound Pillow has consumed a vast amount of my resources…Over the course of the last fifteen years; I spent hundreds of hours talking to clients and customers, doctors, clinicians and counselors servicing all walks of life in a variety of fields. I have invested a great deal of emotional, physical and financial resources as well.

So why do I keep it alive? Why is it still available and evolved into the Sound Pillow Sleep System? Easy. I believe that God places people in our paths at the right time. In many cases, He sends them to us when we need them most. We just have to be willing to recognize and listen to the message. What happened to me and the Sound Pillow? I crossed paths, over the phone, with three unique individuals and experienced three profound conversations.

The Early Morning Call came in early 2000. I had been working with the Sound Pillow for just over three years and was not getting anywhere with it. It seemed the only people that understood its potential for the sleep deprived, were Michelle and I. It was exhausting our very limited resources.

So I decided to “kill it.” I told Michelle I just couldn’t do it anymore and I said: “That’s it. I am killing it in the morning.” Those were my exact words….

The next morning, I was in the office early getting ready to shut down the Sound Pillow web site and send some emails to announce the end…My phone rang. I ignored it waiting for the Voice Mail system to pick-up as I really did not feel like talking to anyone as I felt defeated and I am not a morning person in the first place. But, the phone just kept on ring…I answered.

“This is Scott.”

“Is this Scott?” – Asked a rough male voice.

“That’s why I said this is Scott.” – Remember, I was NOT in a good mood.

You can’t kill the Sound Pillow!” he said emphatically.

—Deep Breathe. Long Silence.—

“You can’t kill the pillow. You have to keep it going!” He was emphatic.

I was beyond stunned and at a loss for words. He used the exact word I used the night before, in my bathroom, when deciding to “kill” the pillow. He did not say “You can’t – Stop it. Shelve it. Quit it.” Or use any other wording. He said “You can’t kill it.” Then I recognized what was happening and I listened.

I spoke with this gentleman for about 30 minutes. Along the way I asked why he made the call. He told me he was compelled to pick-up the phone, but was not 100% sure why other than to tell me how much the Sound Pillow was helping him and that he had to reach out and let me know. He also wanted to be sure others had the same opportunity to get the meaningful sleep he now experienced. And finally, how getting a good night’s sleep, “literally changed his life” – his words.

Later that morning, when Michelle walked into the office, I told her we were not killing the pillow. She smiled and said “What changed your mind?” — “Let me tell you about a phone call.” I replied.

A single phone call really can make a difference. Call Sound Pillow, today at 877-846-6488 and experience the life enhancing difference a meaningful night’s sleep can mean for you. Or visit us on the web @