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Quality Sleep With Sound Pillow

Quality Sleep With Sound Pillow « Holistic Lifestyles Radio

Quality Sleep With Sound Pillow
by Holistic Lifestyles Radio on Apr.19, 2011, under Home
Holistic Lifestyles Radio Wants To Thank Sound Pillow For Over A Year of Sponsorship And Believing In Our Dream Of Helping People Recover Around The World From Addiction. Thank You Michelle And Scott Armbruster.
Addiction Recovery
Sound Pillow®…A holistic approach to relax the Mind…Body…and Spirit
Many folks in early addiction recovery suffer from stress, anxiety, and fear causing long, sleepless nights. Sound Pillow helps sufferers through these periods of unease and restlessness to reach a state of relaxation and achieve the rejuvenating effects of a good night’s sleep. This personal audio device provides recovering addicts the ability to get a comfortable night’s sleep by providing a calming, soothing distraction from disturbing thoughts and silences “The Voices” in the head. Sound Pillow allows the mind to shut down, the body to relax, and the spirit to heal.
Sound Pillow Meditation can be a powerful tool in relapse prevention, becoming what one therapist called “a positive addiction providing a healthy alternative to addictive behaviors.”People in long-term recovery report that meditation provides new insights about the source of their cravings, resentments, and fears. Let Sound Pillow become a daily recovery tool regardless if you’re a newcomer or in long-term recovery.
For testimonials on the effectiveness of Sound Pillow during addiction recovery, please see below.

Addiction Recovery Testimonials :
Beth Ward, Program Director of the Darlene Bishop Home for Life in Monroe, Ohio reports the home’s use of the Sound Pillow:
“The Sound Pillows are a huge success!!” – Read Actual Letter Here.
Billy G. a recovering heroin addict writes:
“I am a recipient of one of your Sound Pillows…I am a Navy Sea Bee Vietnam Vet and also a recovering heroin addict and alcoholic. My experience with the pillow during the first 3 weeks has been to my surprise positive.” – Read Actual Letter Here.
Thank you, Scott.
Billy G.
Scott K. a recovering addict writes:
“I am a recipient of the Sound Pillow. For years I have grappled with a good night’s sleep. Beyond any doubt, the Sound Pillow is an incredible success! I would go as far as to say it is ingenious.” –
Read Actual Letter Here.
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The Original Sound PillowNew & Improved Designed!
Comfortable twin-sized pillow features a hypoallergenic fiberfill, poly-cotton case, and two thin stereo speakers buried deep in the pillow for an intimate sound experience.Price: $59.95
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