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Sandra’s walk for recovery will begin on June 4, 2011

Sandra’s walk for recovery will begin on June 4, 2011 « Holistic Lifestyles Radio

Sandra’s walk for recovery will begin on June 4, 2011

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Sandra at The FREE Rockers In Recovery Concert February 12, 2011

April 3, 2011 at 7 PM EST on Rockers In Recovery we will be interviewing Sandra Huffman on WWNN AM 1470 and her walk for recovery scheduled to start in June 2011. Sandra will tell us how this vision began and how she is working to save lives along the way from Ft. Lauderdale to Washington DC.

Listen live in south Florida at WWNN AM 1470 or on our streamer worldwide at:

Help Sandra Huffman sow a trail of mustard seeds to cultivate messages of hope, healing, and recovery to victims of Addiction/Abuse and Homelessness. “Sandra’s Walk” will begin on June 4, 2011 on the Fort Lauderdale beach. I plan to arrive in Washington, D.C. by September 2011 to participate in DC-based Recovery Month. Then on to activities such as PRO-ACT’s Recovery Walks in my Hometown of Royersford & Philadelphia plus surrounding areas during the entire month.

Sandra Huffman a Recovering Addict will be walking 1300 miles from Fort Lauderdale to Washington DC and then to Philadelphia to Celebrate National Recovery Month and Sandra’s 5 yrs of being Clean and Sober’’.

August 19th 1981 Sandra ran away from The Meridian Home for Girls in Royersford Pa to the Streets of Fort Lauderdale FL. June 4th 2011 with 5 years of being sober she will be Walking Home. Yes, most of the walk will have much to do with the Homeless; we are collecting the Hygiene Care Packages and will distribute them along the way. But sad to say that most of the people they will be reaching out to will be Abused Men, Women and Families of Alcoholics & Addicts. Sandra’s message is of Faith, Hope and Healing.

Sandra and the Mustard Seeds of Hope Necklaces:

I was given a “Mustard Seed” 5 years ago now I have several…I choose to share those seeds with my Brothers and Sisters Click here for more information on Sandra’s walk and who it will benefit.

Our Necklaces are how we actually will support ourselves To free us to do all the work it takes to get ready for and Buy The Physical needs & Equipment of a 1300 mile walk. Also we use this money to Buy Recovery Related Merchandise like Recovery Music CD’s and Tee Shirts to give away at some of the Centers where we will be stopping along the way. We buy these to Support our Brothers and Sisters in Recovery that Sing The Songs that only WE UNDERSTAND or Make Tee Shirts only WE WOULD WEAR!!

Click To Order Here

These are just a few of several different “Intuitive Inspirations” I have received while creating these 100% by hand….There are many more and you just don’t know what message you will get when you order.

I Believe in my Heart that you should not pick & choose just trust that the one you are sent is meant for you or whomever you are buying it for. When doing this in person I hold several in my hand and have someone pick a random cord…They usually end up crying when they read what it said…I hear a lot of Thank You’s but the messages do not come from me as I pray on each one as I am turning it over & over in my hand thinking of the person that may receive it…

So pick and choose if you like but think about taking that leap of Faith and just GOING FOR IT. $13.00 including shipping gives you one to keep and the other gets a tag that says “Please accept this gift from-”Your name”. She/He has faith in you” and it will be given to someone in one of the shelters we are stopping at on our way to D.C and then on to Philadelphia”. How to donate though Mustard Seed necklace

Here are some of the Musicians and Organizations that will be helping with sponsorship: Richie Supa, Ricky Byrd, 12 Step Music Fest and No Matter What Production, In The Rooms, and Rockers In Recovery Radio and Productions. Want more information on how to be a sponsor Click Here.

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