Monday, April 18, 2011

Spring into Spring Foods

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Spring into Spring Foods
by Holistic Lifestyles Radio on Apr.18, 2011, under Home

Carol Harblin (CHHC)
Ayurveda is the science of life. Much of the food consumed is dependent upon the current season. Ayurveda is about the natural life of Earth and its elements. It is important to consume simple whole foods from the Earth.

Now that Spring has arrived, what foods are the BEST to eat at this time of renewal?

During Spring, dried fruit is the BEST fruit to eat. Of the vegetables, the cruciferous vegetables are very good, as well as sprouts and peppers.

Lentils and kidney beans are very good to consume during Spring also.

Spring time is a season when pitta gears up its energy for summer. Pungent spices are best to use also, such as, cloves, cayenne, coriander, cardamom, and ginger.

Think about how energetic we become in the Summer months. Spring is the time when we increase this limitless energy potential.

There are no bad foods. Our addictive personalities and compulsive behaviors create our bad habits which bring on the negative effects of certain food items. Remember that moderation is the key to consuming any kind of food.

Bounce into a healthy summer from an energetic Spring. Let’s store up some unlimited potential energy.

One of the best ways to eat with your season is purchasing foods at Farmer’s Markets. This is a good way you will obtain those appropriate seasonal foods that will benefit your best and healthiest body!!