Tuesday, January 5, 2010

At DIVE IN ADVENTURES we cater to your type of diving and offer you a unique and highly personalized experience.

Because we are an ecologically-conscious dive operation based in south Florida, aware of the fragility of our coral reefs, it is our passion to educate all our customers through dive training and experience.

After many years of experience in the diving industry, we recognized that there was a need for a more personalized approach to training scuba divers. This is why we customize dive training and dive travel to meet the needs of our important customers.

Our business is based around customer service; therefore, we focus on every detail of the dive training, dive travel and daily dive charters that we offer. This creates a unique and unforgettable experience that will have clients return again and again for more diving with DIVE IN ADVENTURES.

If you are new to diving, interested in learning how to dive, or a seasoned diver looking for a new dive spot, DIVE IN ADVENTURES has an experience for you. With Private PADI Diving Courses, Daily Dive Charters in south Florida, Worldwide resort and live-aboard based Dive Travel, and Private Dive Guides for local and international diving, Dive In Adventures has something for everyone.


We use Atomic, Scubapro, Pinnacle, and Halcyon. From these quality manufacturers, we use only their top lines. DIVE IN ADVENTURES has made this commitment to quality because we believe that the only way to "become a fish" is to avail yourself of the best diving equipment and support systems available.


All of the boats that we use at DIVE IN ADVENTURES have been carefully selected. All vessels are Coast Guard certified and carry full emergency equipment including oxygen and first aid gear.

These are custom dive boats with captains who have many years of experience on the reefs of south Florida, and always know which reef is best under the particular conditions of that day.


As the owner of DIVE IN ADVENTURES, I have over 3,000 dives in many parts of the world, including

* Australia’s Great Barrier Reef
* Coral Sea
* Indian Ocean
* Western Australia from the north end to south of Perth
* Mexico and Caribbean – especially Belize and southern Mexico from Cancun to Mahahual.

Safety Qualifications

I am trained as an EFR Instructor, a DAN Instructor, as well as an Emergency Medical Technician and I continue to expand my knowledge base with yearly courses in dive rescue, medical training, equipment maintenance and repairs, and educational/environmental programs for protecting and rebuilding our reefs around the world.

Further work experience includes snowboard patrol first aid, working as a white water rafting guide, and mountaineering.

Personal Statement

With all the varied adventure sports and experiences in my resume, I have discovered that diving is my true passion. There is a feeling that I get from diving that exceeds anything else. To enter a world so foreign to us, and be able to participate and interact with the marine life, even for a short time, is exhilarating.

The coral reef eco system that exists around the world is extremely beneficial to all of us – whether we live near the ocean or further inland. Scuba diving affords us the education and true appreciation of our underwater environment, and its importance to us all.

Diving on the reefs along the south Florida coast will amaze and delight. This section of reef along the south Florida coast, as well as The Keys, offers an amazing experience. Our reef structures are full of coral and an abundance of marine life, and you will notice that many divers are committed to protecting and preserving this outstanding reef system.

At DIVE IN ADVENTURES we cater to your type of diving and offer you a unique and highly personalized experience. We make sure that your needs are met from the beginning of the day until you leave us at the end of the dive day.

We take Certified Divers out on a boat (either private or chartered). Our experienced instructors are experts at locating and identifying the amazing variety of corals and marine life in our underwater world.

This personal dive guide experience includes helping you set up and break down your dive equipment, as well as ensuring safety during the dive. This is the way that diving is meant to be. Sit back, relax, soak up those rays of from the sun, feel the sea mist, and enjoy as all the hard work is done for you. All you have to do is blow bubbles!


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