Saturday, January 16, 2010

Holistic Lifestyles Radio's Dawn The Broken Picker Fixer On January 22th, Dawn's guest will be Marshall Zale.

Marshall Zale. Marshall is an ordained interfaith minister, speaker, writer, and a popular radio show personality
After a powerful awakening, during a four-hour meditation in 2007, he saw how he was living his life in fear, insecurity, co-dependency and self-limiting beliefs. With the help of some great teachers, he learned and developed a practice that gave him the tools to overcome these issues and become a bigger, more empowered “life player.” He now coaches individuals and advises companies with those very tools. He is the creator and the host of the show “Discover your Hidden Power” and is the voice of, a conscious online social network. You can see this life practice in action at his weekly community group “Keys to Conscious Living”, and his upcoming “ManUP” retreat. Listen Live At or wnn am 1470 radio. Call 877-799-8773 for more information.