Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Sound Pillow Therapy

The Sound Pillow Therapy
The Sound Pillow Therapy represents another way in which the philosophy of holistic healing is used to support the physical, mental and spiritual growth for addicts. Healing Sound Pillow Therapy uses a pillow to reproduce sound from any listening device to help addicts to reduce stress and create a sense of balance within and around them. Traditional spiritual and healing practices have recognized the power of sound for thousands of years. Chants, church bells, drumbeats and sung or spoken rituals have been used to alter moods, create different energy states and to facilitate communication with spiritual powers throughout history. All these practitioners have intuitively understood that sound represents energy, energy which can be transmitted and used by humans to reach higher levels of health and consciousness. Practitioners of this ancient ritual enjoy a more complete relaxation and deeper focus during meditation, resulting in greater levels of stress release. The Sound Pillow offers a rewarding alternative therapy that can be integrated into a client's lifelong meditative practice to reduce the stresses of life that addicts all look to escape.

The Sound Pillow put one on every client’s bed and the new comers will have help dealing with those sleepless nights. The new comer complaint list is as followed:

I Can’t Sleep

I have Anxiety

I mind always races

I can’t focus

I feel stressed

I can’t concentrate

Fear keeps me up

Not knowing my future is making me angry

This with many more very confusing conversations are going on in the newly recovered addicts head. Help The Band Stop playing

Introduce the Sound Pillow to your Addiction Treatment like the other treatment centers around the country.
No Expensive Hardware
No Pre-programming
No Expensive Programs
No Counselors needed
No Certification Required

To Reduce the Stress Helps clean up the Mess Call Today At 877-846-6488 Let us tell you the results and show you how it