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Atlantic Shores Hospital

November 29, 2009

Atlantic Shores Hospital is a private, free-standing psychiatric and substance abuse hospital located in the heart of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, minutes from the renowned beaches of the Atlantic Ocean.

Atlantic Shores Hospital is the first step for families and individuals seeking to gain control over their lives. Atlantic Shores' commitment to the highest quality treatment and customer service has helped thousands of families and individuals develop productive and contented lives.

At Atlantic Shores we recognize that emotional, behavioral, and dependency problems affect all areas of a person's life. Individualized treatment programs are tailored to address each person's unique problems and needs. The goal is to restore quality of life so patients can resume a healthy and productive lifestyle. Each patient undergoes an assessment/evaluation to determine the most appropriate level of care needed. Should hospitalization be necessary, a multi-disciplinary team is assigned to each patient. These specialized teams are composed of a psychiatrist, registered nurses, counselors, mental health specialists, activity therapists, social workers, educational specialists, addiction counselors, psychologists and other professionals.

The team, in conjunction with the patient and family, develop an individualized treatment plan that suits the needs of each patient. From admission and treatment through discharge and after care, we work together as a team with our patients, families, referring professionals, spouses, and significant others. Through a comprehensive family treatment program, patients and their families are reunited. We know that continuing accessibility to care is vital to the ongoing well-being of the patients and families served.

Absolute Confidentiality:
Atlantic Shores Commitment to each patient’s confidentiality is insured by our legal responsibility as mandated by law. Each staff member is dedicated to upholding these standards in all communications and records. All inquiries are strictly confidential.

Atlantic Shores Hospital
4545 North Federal Hwy.
Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33308
Phone : (954) 771-2711Ex 296 Fax: (954) 493-9998
24/7 Toll Free:(888) 771-2711

The Sound Pillow
The Sound Pillow Therapy
November 29, 2009

The Sound Pillow Therapy represents another way in which the philosophy of holistic healing is used to support the physical, mental and spiritual growth for addicts. Healing Sound Pillow Therapy uses a pillow to reproduce sound from any listening device to help addicts to reduce stress and create a sense of balance within and around them. Traditional spiritual and healing practices have recognized the power of sound for thousands of years. Chants, church bells, drumbeats and sung or spoken rituals have been used to alter moods, create different energy states and to facilitate communication with spiritual powers throughout history. All these practitioners have intuitively understood that sound represents energy, energy which can be transmitted and used by humans to reach higher levels of health and consciousness. Practitioners of this ancient ritual enjoy a more complete relaxation and deeper focus during meditation, resulting in greater levels of stress release.

The Sound Pillow offers a rewarding alternative therapy that can be integrated into a client's lifelong meditative practice to reduce the stresses of life that addicts all look to escape.The Sound Pillow put one on every client’s bed and the new comers will have help dealing with those sleepless nights. The new comer complaint list is as followed:I Can’t SleepI have AnxietyI mind always racesI can’t focusI feel stressedI can’t concentrateFear keeps me upNot knowing my future is making me angryThis with many more very confusing conversations are going on in the newly recovered addicts head. Help The Band Stop playing introduce the Sound Pillow to your Addiction Treatment like the other treatment centers around the country.

•No Expensive Hardware
•No Pre-programming
•No Expensive Programs
•No Counselors needed
•No Certification Required to reduce the stress helps clean up the mess.

Call Today at 877-799-8773 or Let us tell you the results and show you how it works.

Destination Hope

Florida drug rehab & rehabilitation
November 29,20009

Destination Hope is a Florida drug rehab & rehabilitation, alcohol recovery and addiction treatment facility for men located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Our unique drug rehab and alcohol recovery program treats people addicted to these substances in a comfortable environment with goal-oriented recovery protocols. We understand that every person’s battle with drug and alcohol addiction is different. As such we have several drug and alcohol rehab programs that are tailored specifically to the addicted individual’s needs. We treat people that are physically and/or psychologically dependent on chemical substances in an environment conducive and proven to garner maximum results.

Destination Hope’s mission is to provide quality care in substance abuse, addiction and dependency treatment to the sick and suffering individual and their families in the most comfortable, uncomplicated, realistic setting possible.

We know that many of you have searched for drug rehab and alcohol recovery programs elsewhere, tried other treatment facilities and continue to look for a way to break the dependency on your addiction to drugs or alcohol. Our residential-style treatment facility is different with eight hours per day and seven days of treatment per week. Our Ft. Lauderdale, Florida recovery facility offers partial hospitalization treatment, dual diagnosis and intensive outpatient protocols and is the place to go when you feel that all hope is lost; we are the destination for drug rehab and drug and alcohol recovery in the darkest depths of addiction.

In our constant effort to treat a broader spectrum of men who battle the disease of addiction, Destination Hope, Inc. is proud to announce being in-network with the following insurance providers:

• Aetna Health Insurance

• Beech Street

• Corphealth (manages behavioral health benefits for most Humana policies)

• MHNet (including its affiliates: Mental Health Associates and
MHNet Behavioral Health) Destination Hope, Inc. also provides Intensive Outpatient Programs for women as well as men. These programs meet on separate nights in order to preserve our gender specific policy. If you may have any further questions about our program please contact us directly at our toll free number 1-866-756-HOPE (4673) Or go to

"Spiritual Recovery with Rashid"
Holistic Lifestyle Radio Show WWNN 1470AM
November 29, 2009

My guests this week December 31st, 2009 will be Barb Pardee and Laurie Bauman. They will be discussing matter of the heart – relationships – when should you move on and when should you stay. Barb and Laurie will be answering questions for people currently in a relationship that are looking for advice, have issues/concerns and need insight, live on the air so call in 888-565-1470 with your questions.

Bio: Barb Pardee is the original founder of the Griffin’s Loft. An intuitive counselor, she offers Traditional tarot, Heart Channeled readings & Spirit-Guide awareness for counsel; she is a holistic healer and Reiki Master; holds private and group workshops in Tarot, Astrology, Soul Journey Walks With Spirit and more. For more information about Barb and her services visit her web site ate

Laurie Bauman is a Registered Nurse, her area of expertise was in the medical-surgical field providing her with an extensive understanding of holistic medicine. Laurie finds this very helpful in the healing process of Reiki and has been able to combine her two passions into one powerful specialty. Laurie is a Reiki two practitioner and was trained at Griffin’s Loft. Another form of healing that Laurie provides is the cutting and removal of ethereal cords on a soul level.

This field of healing is particularly effective at severing co-dependency issues with friends or family members, and other issues such as addictions, anger, emotional blockages, and many other situations that would keep a person from growing towards their own individual happiness.

In addition to ethereal cord cutting, cleansing and balancing of the chakras is usually done, along with a thorough cleaning of the inner and outer astral fields. Laurie has also been a medium all of her life and can provide guidance, channeling, and spiritual growth. For further information please contact Laurie at 954-770-5585

A Healthy Heart and Mind During The Holidays Can Be Possible
November 23, 2009

Mashed potatoes, homemade stuffing, chocolate cake, and pie may sound like a good mix of foods for a holiday celebration. How ever, they are not a good mix for a good diet. If you are trying to stick with your healthy heart diet throughout the holidays, you won't be shocked to know that you will face your ultimate temptations during the holiday times. It can be more than difficult to stick with your healthy body plan.

Many people abandon it totally, only to start back up after the New Year. But, if you are serious about staying healthy, you should continue your regular diet and exercise program, no matter what holiday is rolling around! Diet Sure, it can be extremely challenging to stick with your diet during the holidays. When you sit down to Thanksgiving dinner at your grandmother's house, you won't want to offend her by passing on the stuffing and cheese potatoes. So, you will have to do some thinking.

If you are afraid to offend those cooking for you, be sure to take a little of everything. If you stick with small portions you should be good to go. Don't finish everything on your plate however. If you get the opportunity to bring something for the dinner, be sure you choose something that is healthy. That way you can have more of that healthy dish and less of the fattening dishes.

If you are lucky enough to cook the entire meal, then you can add heart healthy foods throughout. Your family might not be too keen on the idea of eating healthy at first, but they will thank you later for your good judgment.

Dr.Etti of Holistic Nutrition

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Live Everyday on

November 21, 2009

Holistic Lifestyles Radio Show is now Live Every Day on In The along with twitter podcast, Facebook, Blogtalk Radio, and WWNN 1470 AM Radio. We are looking forward to many years of working with the In The Rooms staff.

So you ask what is In The Rooms? In The Rooms is the premier, most comprehensive online social network for the Recovery community worldwide. Their mantra is H.I.T.C.H and their mission is to Help, Inform, Touch, Connect, and Heal those already in Recovery, seeking Recovery and the family and friends supporting Recovery around the world along with Show.

With “In The Rooms” 50,000 plus members and growing every day, we believe it will be hundreds of thousands by this time next year at the growth rate they are showing. We at Holistic Lifestyles Radio Show are looking forward to helping people to find the message of recovery and now the Show is streaming live every day on along with twitter podcast, Facebook, Blogtalk Radio, and WWNN 1470 AM Radio.

We are looking forward to many years of working with the In The Rooms staff. Holistic Life Styles Radio Show is a live radio show Monday - Fridays 2-3pmEST, Saturdays 4-6pmEST, Sundays 9-11pmEST. If you have any questions please contact 877-799-8773 for more information or email us at

Spot Light on Addiction Recovery with John Hollis

Recovery for Every Lifestyle
November 20, 2009

Welcome To “The Holistic Life Styles Radio Show” hosted by John Hollis. We have a great show that has all types of recovery lifestyles covered. Some of our guest hosts are South Florida psychotherapist Kristy Summers, Daniel Lubbers of “The Serenity Group”. We’ve had exciting personalities including author and interventionist Ken Seeley of “A&E Intervention”and "Intervention 911", Ed Storti interventionist with over 3500 Interventions in 32 years. Dr. Lisa Palmer of “The Renew Center Of Florida”, Rev. Leo Booth from “Spiritual Concepts”, John Dyben of “The Hanley Center”, and the “In The” founders RT & Kenny P., and many others in the fields of addiction & holistic life styles like “Palm Partners” Holistic Addiction Treatment Program” of Delray Beach Florida.

Special Guest: Green Wave Café

Delicious food good for the spirit!
November 10, 2009

Chef Lisa Valle is a graduate of the world famous Living Light Culinary Arts Institute in Fort Bragg, California. Her passion for preparing healthy and delicious gourmet living foods has made her well known in the South Florida area. She has appeared on Majic 102.7 where she dazzled the radio crew with her incredible desserts. After her successful Rejuvenating retreat in West Palm Beach this past May she has set her sights on organizing a raw foods school in Broward County called "Green Wave Café".

The Green Wave Cafe located at 5221 West Broward Blvd, Plantation, Fl 33317 is now open for lunch from Tuesday through Friday from 11 AM to 4 PM. Classes and special events are offered during selected weeknights and weekends. Call us at 954-581-8377. Check our Calendar!
Raoul Valle is a Health Educator from the well known Hippocrates Health Institute in West Palm Beach. He gives lectures on how raw foods can have a tremendous positive effect on your life.

Holisitic Lifestyles Addiction Recovery Help Line: 877-799-8773
Dont go it alone, let us help you!
November 03,2009

Looking for addiction treatment
with alternative approaches to Interventions, Detox, Addiction Treatment, Dual Dagnosis, Holistic Health, Wellness, Healing and Self Improvement. Stop the addiction search for addiction treatment and make a Call to 877-799-8773 to speak with a counselor now. Change happens with the first step so make that call 877-799-8773

Spiritual Recovery with Rashid
Every Tuesday at 2pm EST

Every Tuesday at 2 PM EST: "Spiritual Recovery with Rashid"
on The Holistic Lifestyle Radio Show. Griffin’s Loft is a holistic, healing, metaphysical, information and educational establishment. Spiritual Growth Classes, Seminars, New Age Workshops, Lectures, Guided Meditations, Hypnotherapy, Energy Bodywork, Massage, Acupuncture, Channeled Tarot Readings, Astrology, Angel and Fairy Readings, Spa Products, Unique Gifts, Jewelry, Crystals, Incense, Oils, Books, CDs, a Holistic Tea Bar and much more, is what we’re about.Our doors are open weekdays: Tuesday - Saturday 11am-6pm and every Sunday at 11am for the Sunday Spiritual Lecture Service. Private readings and healings are available with our Associates by appointment during weekdays. Our logo the mythological Griffin is a symbol of knowledge and the guardian of the pathway to spiritual wisdom and enlightenment. Spiritual Recovery is always the key to healing living it one day at a time. Tune in on Tuesday at 2 PM EST

“Live From the 12 Step Music Fest”
November 5-8, 2009

John Hollis and the staff of Holistic Lifestyles Radio Show on Saturday November 7th, 2009 are starting at 4pm-8pmEST broadcasting live from “The 12 Step Music Fest”. We look forward to seeing you at the event being held on Sugar Loaf Key 20 miles from Key West. The event is being billed as the “Mini Woodstock”, music, fun and fellowship for 4 sober and clean days.
We would like to thank our sponsors for the live broadcast:

Holistic Lifestyles Online Zine:
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Today is the launch of our complete multi-media package for all of our loyal listeners and advertisers alike. Take a moment to read our Holistic Lifestyles Zine for free! Click Here to read for FREE!

12 Step Music Festival:
Holisitc Lifestyles Radio Live Broadcast!

12 Step Music Fest is a campout for ALL 12 step fellowships. It will be held November 5-8 2009 at Sugarloaf Key (mile marker 20) KOA Campground in the Florida Keys. The entire campground will be closed to the public. It's a mini Woodstock, minus the drugs and alcohol, but add meetings and fellowship! It is being produced by No Matter What Productions, a not for profit, 501 c 3 charity.

Radio Schedule: Rally for Recovery - September 12, 2009
Time Schedule: Holistic Lifestyles Radio Live Broadcast

1:00 PM Interview: Interview: Kenny P. & RT – IN THE ROOMS
Howard Finkelstein - Head Broward County Public Defender
1:20 PM Interview: Michael Welch – Hanley Center
1:35 PM Interview: Adam Fuller -G&G Holistic Addiction Treatment Center
1:50 PM Interview: Judge Giselle Pollock – Broward County Drug Court Judge
2:05 PM Interview: Kenny P. & RT – IN THE ROOMS
2:35 PM Interview: Richie Supa with Ricky Byrd
2:50 PM Interview: Judge Jeffrey Rosenik – Dade County Drug Court Judge
3:05 PM Interview: Chris D. -First Step Sober House
3:20 PM Interview: Alton S. - Destination Hope
3:35 PM Interview: Jeff Cole- Brain Training Centers Of Florida
3:50 PM Interview: Arthur Hamm – Alternative Soul Sobriety
4:35 PM Interview: Eric Burdon and The Animals
4:50 PM Interview: Kenny P. & RT – IN THE ROOMS

Rally for Recovery
List of the days events
September 11, 2009
September 12, 2009 we here at Holistic Lifestyles Radio will be broadcasting live at the Rally for Recovery! We will begin at 1pm and be on air until 5pm. We are extremely excited to be their to join everyone along with joining in on the days events. Click the link below to get a full listing of the entire days events!
Miami Article about the Rally for Recovery

Holistic Lifestyles Radio Live Broadcast:
Live at the Rally for Recovery!
September 1, 2009

September 12th 2009 "The Holistic Life Styles Radio Show" will be broadcasting live from the" Rally For Recovery" in Miami for more information go to I look forword to seeing all of you at this great event. Please support this event pre-register today by going to help make a difference let us show Florida and the world our unity.

We need people to pre-register now at A $9.00 dollar donation get's you into the walk and the concert! Richie Supa (of Aerosmith fame) and Eric Burdon and the Animals will be performing! Even if you can't make it......please make a tax free donation so that others can walk in your place! Thanks!

Holistic Lifestlyes Radio:
Join us at the Rally for Recovery Festival!
August 30, 2009

September 12, 2009 from 8:30am till Sundown come and join the Rally for Recovery festival & Concert! You can take a walk and help people that need, yourself or a loved one. Volunteer your time or come and see the concert with Eric Burdon of The Animals! You're going to have a great time so come out and show your support!

Ask Our Experts

Here is the section of the site that we dedicate to you, our listeners and readers. With hosts Kristy Summers and Patrick Corona we use this section to answer some of the questions you may have about Fitness and relationships. Kristy Summers is our relationship expert while Patrick Corona is our Fitness Guru. Feel free to email us your questions and weekly we will post the "Expert" answers. Who knows, you might even hear them answered on air LIVE!
Email your questions to:

with alternative approaches to Interventions,Detox,Addiction Treatment,Daul Dagnosis, holistic health, wellness, healing,and self Improvement. Stop the addiction search for addiction treatment and make a call to 877-799-8773 to speak with a counselor now.

Change happens with the First Step so make that call 877-799-8773

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