Saturday, November 21, 2009

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Holistic Lifestyle Magazine's primary purpose is to help people discover and recover from any area of their life they feel needs to be uplifted. Holistic Lifestyle Magazine is devoted to hope. Our creative team looks for incredible people from all over the globe who have a passion to making a true difference in all areas of people’s lives. We are dedicated to providing readers with informative information on the latest advances as well as time-tested techniques, in the field of integrative holistic health services,products,pets,home, and the environment.

The information contained in Holistic Lifestyles Magazine is not intended to provide medical diagnosis for individual problems and/or circumstances of its readers. Readers should always seek advice from health professionals regarding prevention, diagnosis, or treatment of any ailment or disease. The information is believed to correct and accurate, but its accuracy cannot be guaranteed, and are solely the opinions of our contributor and are not necessarily those of Holistic Lifestyles Magazine's staff and management. The publisher, editor, and Holistic Lifestyles Magazine are not responsible for errors and omissions.

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