Monday, November 23, 2009

A Healthy Heart and Mind During The Holidays Can Be Possible

Mashed potatoes, homemade stuffing, chocolate cake, and pie may sound like a good mix of foods for a holiday celebration. How ever, they are not a good mix for a good diet. If you are trying to stick with your healthy heart diet throughout the holidays, you won't be shocked to know that you will face your ultimate temptations during the holiday times. It can be more than difficult to stick with your healthy body plan. Many people abandon it totally, only to start back up after the New Year. But, if you are serious about staying healthy, you should continue your regular diet and exercise program, no matter what holiday is rolling around! Diet Sure, it can be extremely challenging to stick with your diet during the holidays. When you sit down to Thanksgiving dinner at your grandmother's house, you won't want to offend her by passing on the stuffing and cheese potatoes. So, you will have to do some thinking. If you are afraid to offend those cooking for you, be sure to take a little of everything. If you stick with small portions you should be good to go. Don't finish everything on your plate however. If you get the opportunity to bring something for the dinner, be sure you choose something that is healthy. That way you can have more of that healthy dish and less of the fattening dishes. If you are lucky enough to cook the entire meal, then you can add heart healthy foods throughout. Your family might not be too keen on the idea of eating healthy at first, but they will thank you later for your good judgment.

Dr.Etti of Holistic Nutrition