Monday, November 23, 2009

Three Reasons Why Creating Stress Free Holidays Can Make You Happy

It is incredibly sad that American holidays are turning into huge festive stress-fests! Once upon a time holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas were enjoyed by everyone because they were not full of the stress they are full of today. Sure, the same events happened each year that still happen now. Turkey was served at a big family gathering for Thanksgiving. Gifts were exchanged with family and friends for the Christmas holiday. However, they were done on a much smaller scale. Today everyone rushes around trying to prepare an enormous meal for Thanksgiving and trying to spend their last penny on Christmas gifts. It can be difficult to get through the holidays without loads of stress. However, if you can find a way to create stress free holidays, you will find that you can be happier during the holiday season. Take a look at these three reasons why creating stress free holidays can make you happy. No Pressure Starting from the bottom, the number three reason why you should create a stress free holiday plan is because when you do so, there will be no pressure. No pressure to max out your credit cards on gifts for others, no pressure to serve the perfect dinner to everyone you know, and no pressure to volunteer for every single holiday activity taking place. Getting through the holidays with no pressure may seem impossible, but its not. When you are honest with everyone around you and honest with yourself, you will know that it can be done. Put price limits on gift giving. Make a deal with yourself that you won't commit to more than one or two activities a week. Doing these little things can create stress free holidays for you and your family! Enjoying The Little Things. The number two reason you should create a stress free holiday plan is so you can enjoy the little things. Watching the fresh snow fall on the ground, taking a stroll to see the neighborhood holiday lights, savoring the taste of your grandmother's mashed potatoes, or whatever you like to do can be priceless. Unfortunately most people are so busy with other things that they don't take the time to enjoy the smaller holiday blessings. So, be sure that your holiday plan gives you enough time and room to be relaxed and enjoy everything going on.

Love & light,


Dr. of Holistic Nutrition