Saturday, November 21, 2009

Food Addiction

So often people get in a cycle of depression and eating for comfort and develop a food addiction. The cycle perpetuates the depression and eating and it goes around and around. Addiction happens and the individual is caught in the cycle of addiction long before they identify a problem with food. Many individuals would like to be able to say there were no warning signs of an eating disorder. Individuals in recovery refer to that rationalization as denial.
Addiction whether to food, alcohol or drugs develop over-time. As the disease progresses so does the behavior, the lie the person tells themselves is I can control this on my own I don't need help. That is typically when the individual has crossed the line into the addiction and are unable to get out of the cycle. Food is a required means of energy used to fuel the body, when food is misused and turns against the person invariably the person blames the food, people around them, his or her job, spouse, family, friends anyone except themselves.
Typically the blame goes on until the person says enough and starts to recognize the only way out of the eating disorder cycle is through it. No one ever said it was going to be easy; the addiction process did not happen overnight and will not go away overnight. Finding an eating disorder treatment program to help the person overcome the addictive behavior patterns and to help them formulate a plan to live a life without using and abusing food is essential for the recovery process. After reading this article he or she feels motivated and ready to break free from the cycle of food addiction contact an eating disorder treatment program and begin the life intended. Joanna M. Painton Health Educator works for the Women's Behavioral Program. She has overcome adversities and shares her hope with anyone she comes in contact with. Joanna is a known published author in the Bariatric and Weight Loss Community, she has spent the last 13 years helping to inspire and motivate people on the value of the body, mind and spirit connection.