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Do not change your beliefs because you want other people to change theirs.

God Pillow

Change your beliefs because your new beliefs announce more accurately who you are.

Yet even as you change, do not be surprised if other people change, and if the world around you changes. For the change in you will act as a catalyst in producing change in others. Not because you have sought to produce change in others, but, more probably, because you have not.

People do not change because they are told to change. People may temporarily alter their behavior because they have been told to do so by those who have power over them, but that is not real change. That is merely a surface shift of outward demeanor. Inner truth has not shifted. As soon as the power over them has been lifted, or can no longer be exerted, people’s behavior returns to that which is motivated by their inner truth.

Prayer: Lord, help me change my thoughts and actions, Guide me to find your voice in the quiet time of my day. Help me find my inner truth, with your help so I can of maximum service to you, myself and others.

Cindy the GODpillow Lady