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1st Step Sober House Pompano Beach, Fl

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1st Step Sober House Pompano Beach, Fl

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Our staff is experienced and dedicated to changing the lives of 1000’s of people with addictions.

Our years of experience in recovery gives a structure that no other sober house can offer. Come by our office and meet with our staff about helping you a friend or a family member get the recovery they need.

4 Phase Program

Our program consists of 6 months or more depending on your court order or individual patient needs. Our 12 step recovery program has been a proven way for many people to learn sobriety and change their lives.

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Residential Recovery Program

This program is a minimum 90 day program with a 4 phase process. Clients will be required to get a day time job and work our structured program at night.

First Step Follow-up Program

This program is custom designed for former clients that have successfully completed our 4 Phase residential program They will be required to attend our 3 recovery meetings a week. This will help 1st Step assist our graduates as they transition into the civilian sector.

The Final Step When You Leave

This is when everything you have learned is used in real the real world.; Temptations and peer pressure is what will be after you everyday. This is the time you need to stay in touch with your support group and use everything you learned while living and learning at First Step Sober House.

The 1st Step Sober House

623 East Atlantic Blvd.

Pompano Beach, Florida 33060

Office Phone: (954) 942-7414

Fax Number: (954) 942-2595

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