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Crossroads Centre Antigua a Recovery Retreat

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Crossroads Centre Antigua a Recovery Retreat

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History Of Crossroads Centre, Of Antigua

A letter from our founder, Mr. Eric Clapton
For many years I have visited Antigua, the beautiful Caribbean island located in the heart of the West Indies. Antigua has always been a special refuge – a safe place, a serene place where one can begin the process of healing from even the most devastating events and life situations.

As a recovering addict and alcoholic, many people over the years spoke with me about the problems associated with drug and alcohol abuse on the island. Subsequently, around 1993, I began to speak with more and more people about the possibility of founding a Centre on the island for the treatment of drug and alcohol addiction. There was certainly a need, and so the dream and the vision were born.

My vision was to create a Centre of the highest caliber to treat people of the Caribbean and throughout the world. The Centre would be staffed with experienced and internationally recognized professionals. The cost of treatment would be held to the lowest possible level, ensuring affordability and accessibility. And most importantly, this non-profit Centre would provide treatment scholarships for people of the Caribbean region and around the world.

Well, this vision became a reality and Crossroads opened its doors to the world in 1998. Since then it has quickly developed into an internationally recognized Treatment Centre of Excellence, providing services to individuals and their families suffering from the devastating effects of addiction.

Crossroads is like no other Treatment Centre. It is the perfect place to begin the road of recovery and utilizes a combination of effective therapies to address addiction and recovery, while capturing the spiritual serenity that many have found unique to Antigua. Within the serene, healing atmosphere individuals participate in a structured 29-day residential 12 step based program that allows clients to experience a whole person wellness approach to recovery.

We believe that the majority of individuals suffering from addiction have the capacity for recovery if given the proper foundation to begin their journey. At Crossroads we help provide that foundation.


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Eric Clapton

The Renewal Centre at Crossroads

The Renewal Centre at Crossroads is designed to offer people in various stages of recovery

The Renewal Centre at Crossroads is designed to offer people in various stages of recovery an opportunity to revive and refresh, their recovery experience. We provide a safe, supportive environment to explore various issues with an emphasis on creating balance in one’s life. Through staff facilitation and group interaction, participants experience a powerful week of self awareness and rediscovery.

All of our recovery retreats are founded in the Twelve Steps as well as the Crossroads Centre whole person approach to recovery. This means that in addition to Twelve Step studies, lectures, facilitated group discussions and individual assignments, participants are introduced to complementary therapies such as: yoga, fitness activities, meditation, and massage therapy. Our recovery retreats, while providing an opportunity for intensive self-discovery and awareness, also combine off -site activities unique to Antigua to make for an enriched experience. As our participants know only too well, Antigua is the perfect place to continue the journey of recovery.

Please note: If in recovery, these programs are designed for individuals with a minimum of 60 days of abstinence/ sobriety. People who are actively using alcohol or drugs addictively are not appropriate for this program. Crossroads Centre is an alcohol and drug-free facility and all participants are expected to adhere to this policy.

Reinvent Your Recovery Recovery is about more than just abstinence or sobriety. It involves continued growth and attention in order to develop into something that is healthy and vital, yet it is common for people in various stages of recovery to feel that there is something missing or less satisfying in their personal recovery. Through lectures, small group sessions and various complementary therapies, we will help participants reinvent their recovery experience into something that is dynamic and vibrant. All of this takes place in breathtaking Antigua West Indies, and incorporates the many sights, sounds and experiences of this nature island. Whether you are looking for quiet reflection and spiritual reconnection or shared fellowship and adventure, this renewal retreat has something to offer everyone.

The dates for upcoming renewal programs are:

November 8-12, 2010

January 18-22, 2011

March 15-19, 2011

Location Crossroads Centre Antigua Willoughby Bay Antigua, West Indies

Cost $2599 per person, single occupancy $1999 per person, double occupancy

Includes renewal program, materials, accommodation, meals and off-campus activities. While we strongly encourage participants to “unplug” from their daily life, our tropical on-site guest rooms are complete with television, phone, and wireless internet. Retreat guests will also enjoy a private pool and deck area.

For more information, please call:
Toll-free 1 877- 318 -8834