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FDA Approved Hyperbaric Chambers

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FDA Approved Hyperbaric Chambers

by Holistic Lifestyles Radio on May.09, 2011, under Home

HyperbaricsRx specializes in safe, affordable Portable Hyperbaric Chamber systems for home (or clinic) use. We offer a complete selection of equipment and accessories to customize your system for optimal benefit, comfort and ease of operation. Our personable and patient staff of ANDI certified technicians and instructors will answer your questions so you can make the right equipment choices the first time.

Our systems are extremely easy to use, we will even come to your home (or office) to install the system and train your family (or staff). We will deal with all the “boxes in the corner” completely removing any set up concerns you may initially have. When we’re done your family (or staff) will be comfortable with the system, the safety aspects, operations, equipment care and so much more. This is just another example of our unsurpassed customer support, care and service.

We offer different types of FDA Approved Hyperbaric Chambers including Monoplace, Multiplace and Portable Systems for clinic, home or scuba diver treatment applications. We are also authorized ANDI Distributors and carry a full line of parts, accessories, chamber support and maintenance products.

Whatever your chamber needs, be they a full on site Medical Clinic or use in the home, whether you are purchasing, renting or retrofitting an existing Hyperbaric Chamber, our knowledgeable professionals are ready to answer your questions with courteous and personalized attention. Click here to read why people choose HyperbaricsRx and experience the difference today…

We look forward to the opportunity to answer your questions. Contact us today to speak with one of our certified professionals and to request your FREE catalog and complete information packet.

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Laura H. Betts – ANDI IT, HCO, CHT