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Mother’s Day Healing

Mother’s Day Healing « Holistic Lifestyles Radio

Mother’s Day Healing

by Holistic Lifestyles Radio on May.11, 2011, under Home

Relationships are the Primary Meal

Carol Harblin (CHHC)

When it is Mother’s Day, what is it that we all think about – besides honoring our moms?

We think about how we can treat them in a way that is relaxing or with some sort of honor.

Many moms get breakfast in bed or go out to a brunch special….they get massages or flowers and other sweet presents too.

Why not give mom a flower or something nice every day? Why do we only think about self-care or mom-care one day a year? Whether we play board games with our mom, or play cards, or share a meal….it’s enriching to connect with our mom (and parents) on any given day.

If we can bring back the family meal at home then why not bring back honoring parents and grandparents every day by just being with them?

I know it’s hard to always connect because life throws is a metric wrench in with our SAE wrenches and nuts….but we still have to figure how to work it.

Don’t we love it when people come to us and share with us after a long time? Just think how others will feel when we come to them? Human contact and sharing is more valuable than any gift or dinner.

Electronic mail, snail mail, texting, phone calls, are all good to have and thank goodness we have these modes of communication….but physical human contact is very special an meaningful. No photo can ever capture its essence and its warmth. That connection and the feeling stays in our hearts and our souls. It’s the bond that connects and stays with us.

Here’s your prescription for healing your soul: Take a hug at least four times a day.
Prescription for your heart and productive longevity: Have a heart-to-heart conversation at least two times a day.
Prescription for a strong soul: Have a belly laugh one to two times a day.

Share the love.
Strengthen our bonds.