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Dan Lubbers, The Director Of Marketing At Holistic Lifestyles Radio Show December 29, 2009

Daniel Lubbers, a Florida native, and is an Army veteran (paratroops). He previously spent 10 years as Operations Manager with the largest swimming pool equipment distributor in Florida. Dan’s duties included supervision of 50 employees and 11 trucks. Twelve years ago Dan entered the “Human Restoration” business, opening halfway houses in the Ft. Lauderdale area. Dan is owner and director of Serenity by the Sea assisting men in recovery reclaim their lives from addiction.

Dan is now the Director of Marketing at Holistic Lifestyles Radio Show, with the vision to create working relationships that create market driven results through radio promotional advertising and events. Dan believes in “working together and growing together”. Call Dan at 877-799-8773 or go to

Reference Letters

"I strongly recommend that you included Holistic Lifestyles Radio Show in your marketing mix."

To Any Prospective Holistic Lifestyles Radio Show Advertiser.

My Name is R. Scoot Armbruster, CEO of Sound Pillow and proud supporter of Holistic Lifestyles Radio Show. I have been working with Holistic Lifestyles Radio Show and John Hollis for several months an I am very pleased with the initial results.

We at Sound Pillow have noticed both an increase in phone calls into the office and orders through our web site. Based on these initial results, we plan on being a supporter and partner of Holistic Lifestyles Radio Show., for the foreseeable future.

I have also found that Mr.Hollis’ support of our endeavors is only exceeded by his passion for helping others achieve a truly healthy lifestyle, through the holistic approach to healthy living and overall well being. And after getting to know Mr.Hollis, I have found him to be a genuine and dedicated individual.

I strongly recommend that you included Holistic Lifestyles Radio Show in your marketing mix.


R. Scott Armbruster - CEO
Armbruster Enterprises, Inc.

"As You Know My Third Renewal Is Coming Up And You Can Count Me in For Another 3 Month Multi Media Sponsorship Advertising"

John,Thank you, for the time and energy you have spent in making my media campaign. When I first ran my ads I was skeptical, but it turned out to be a pleasure to deal with you and your staff with good results. As you know my third renewal is coming up and you can count me in for another 3 month sponsorship. Feel free to have any potential advertisers call me for a reference any time. Keep up the good work.

Chris Doherty
The 1st Step Sober House
623 East Atlantic Blvd.
Pompano Beach, Florida 33060
Office Phone: +1 (954) 942-7414
Fax Number: +1 (954) 942-2595

"I Would Gladly Tell Any One Looking to Market with John Hollis and the Holistic Lifestyles Radio Show to Move Forward"

To Whom It May Concern,
My name is Kristy Summers L.C.S.W. P.A. I have been a psychotherapist in private practice for 20 years in Miami, Florida. Serving all of South Florida, specifically Miami and Ft Lauderdale. I specialize in relationship addiction, chemical dependency, intimacy issues, codependency, eating disorders, sex addiction, and marital & family counseling.

I would like to take this time to thank John Hollis and the Holistic Lifestyles Radio Show for all the marketing ideas and concepts they helped to teach me. They put the concepts into place and seven days later I had my first three clients from the radio show.

My sponsorship and advertising ran for twelve weeks on the Holistic Lifestyles Radio Show and when it ended I had lots of exposure and many new clients from all of Holistic Lifestyles Radio Show’s efforts. I would gladly tell any one looking to market with John Hollis and the Holistic Lifestyles Radio Show to move forward and know they will do every thing to make your advertising experience a good one. Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.

Yours truly,
Kristy Summers L.C.S.W. P.A.

Phone #: 305-525-9840
Office Located at: 20377 NE 15th Ct., 2nd floor North Miami Beach, Fl, 33179

"I'm Renewing and I Would Highly Recommend and Suggest Advertising on Holistic Lifestyles Radio Show To Many Other Establishments"

To: John Hollis
Holistic Lifestyles Radio Show

To Whom It May Concern:
I would like to take the time to thank John Hollis for the wonderful opportunity to be a part of the Holistic Lifestyles Radio Show program. This program is awesome and is paving the way for people to be open minded about holistic healing and spiritual enlightenment. It has provided me with a forum for increasing my client base and sparking interest in the many methods of holistic healing that exists.

My sponsorship has been and will continue to be the best investment on marketing and promoting my holistic establishment. I am confident that John Hollis will take Holistic Lifestyles Radio Show to the next level by giving many other holistic establishments a venue to promote their services. I would highly recommend and suggest sponsorship to many other establishments.

Yours truly,
Rashid Saker Griffin’s Loft, Inc.

Griffin's Loft 4282 S. University Drive Davie, Fl. 33328

About Holistic Lifestyles Radio

Holistic Lifestyles Radio’s guest hosts have been and are South Florida psychotherapist Kristy Summers, Green Wave Cafe "Vegan Live-Food Nutrition", Daniel Lubbers Of The Serenity Group, Roshid of the Griffins Loft and Writer / Biology Professor Dawn Maslar-Ranish the Broken Picker Fixer. Some past guests since January 2009 include authors and interventionists Ken Seeley of A&E Intervention, Raymond Francis of Beyond Health International, Rev. Leo Booth from Spiritual Concepts, and network builders like founders RT & Kenny P... Our past Doctors include Dr. Hepsharat Amadi of A Healing Journey, Dr. Joshua Rycus of Coral Springs, Dr. Julian Whitaker of Whitaker Institute, Dr. Brian Clement of Hippocrates of West Palm Beach, Dr. Etti Doctor of Holistic Nutrition Miami Beach, Holistic Moms Network and many others with Holistic Lifestyles. We have created new shows like “Third Eye Live” a production of Holistic Lifestyles Radio Show airing on our Saturday show at 4pm. Plus live entertainment like Richie Supa of Aerosmith at our many live broadcasts like Rally for Recovery, 12 Step Music Fest and Thanksgiving Day 2009 feed the hungry.

The Holistic Lifestyles Radio Show can be heard Monday- Friday 2-3pm EST, Saturdays 4-6pm EST, and Sundays 9-Midnight EST on WWNN Am Radio 1470. Holistic Lifestyles Radio Production provides an interactive means of involving online streaming listeners from around the world every show we broadcast live through 15 websites and social network websites. and our website You can even listen live at our fan page on Facebook and this list is not counting the Listeners that have choose to put our listen live links on their websites like Atlantic Shores Hospital.

Holistic Lifestyles Radio is providing the latest and best information to tens of thousands of listeners worldwide and exposing our growing number of messages to the widest possible audience for maximum effect. Call today at 1-877-799-8773 to find out more information.