Friday, December 18, 2009

Animals Oral Care Gel by Petzlife Offers A 100% Money Back Guarantee

Petzlife Works on all warm blooded animals especially formulated for dogs and cats!!

1) Please pick out two of your dental care products to tell me about. These can be two of your newest, or can be products that have been on the market for a while that you want to call attention to. When it comes to product details I need to know:

a) Exact product name

PetzLife Oral Care Gel (reg & with Wild Salmon Oil) and Spray.

b) What it is designed to do and for what kind(s) of animals

Remove plaque and tartar--Freshen breath--heals infected gum's (Gingivitis and Periodontal Disease) Works on all warm blooded animals especially formulated for dogs and cats!!

c) Key product features

Easy to use see almost immediate results!!

d) How long the product has been on the market

First bottles sold in 2003

e) What consumers will especially like about this product

They will save $100 on vet bills --and their pets will live longer happier lives without having to suffer through multiple anesthesia procedures--remember over 50,000 dogs and cats every year die from anesthesia and another 1.2 million are injured --some permanently-- they never fully recover!

The big question is do I still need to brush my dogs or cats teeth-- the great news with our products it is optional-- It is the product that removes the plaque and tartar--just like we brush our teeth usually morning an night--with Crest or Pepsodent and we still need to get our teeth cleaned at the dentist at least once a year--brushing will speed up the process if the teeth are really caked with plague and tartar--what the brushing action does is remove what has already been loosened by our spray or gel--

Now we have formulated a stronger version for people called First Defense--it has 3 times the active ingredients I have not needed to get my teeth scaled in over 5 years and my dentist is amazed --my gum's are not receding and actually the opposite is true!!

f) Any other information about the product you want to make retailers aware of.

Yes Petzlife is easy to sell-- we have great points of purchase advertising-- A very effective display box--with an 8 page fold out that gives great information about how to use our products--testimonials--and easy to use tips if finicky dog or cat! Posters --and Advertising in national media to bring attention to our products so when potential customers see it in the stores or grooming salons they already know about the products and have seen them!

We offer a 100% money back guarantee --if they bring the product into their store and it doesn't sell we buy it back--full refund-- with over 8,000 retail stores and outlets it never has happened!! Call 888-453-4682 for more information or go to

4264 Shoreline Drive
Spring Park, MN 55384