Monday, December 7, 2009

John Hollis Hosts the following shows:

Every Monday,Thursday,Saturday,Sunday Founder of the Holistic Lifestyles Radio Show John Hollis Hosts the following shows:

Monday: Nutrition And Education 2-3pmEST
Thursday:Holistic Lifestyles Open Forum 2-3pmEST
Saturday: Holistic Lifestyles Open Forum 4-6pmEST
Sunday:Spotlight on Addiction Recovery 9-11pmEST

John Hollis is the Founder of The Holistic Lifestyles Radio Show. John Hollis is a recovering addict who got Sober and Clean doing the 12 Step program along with holistic approaches to Mind,Body,And Spirit. Holistic Lifestyles Radio and Health Magazine are dedicated to carrying a message of hope for people in life that need to hear hope so they can have hope. John Hollis interviews many in the fields of holistic Lifestyles,health addiction,rehabs,Holistic reading,Holistic Thinking, Holistic Recovery, Alternative Medicine,Natural Healing,Yoga, Reiki,Natural Child birth, Rain forest secrets, Chinese medicine, Metabolic balance,Mind ,Body, Spirit, Holistic, Complimentary medicine, Alternative medicine,Yoga, and Holistic Education. Feel free to contact John Hollis by going to or you can also call 877-799-8773 to talk with John any time.