Saturday, December 12, 2009

Holistic Lifestyles Radio Show With Co Host Dawn Maslar-Ranish- The Broken Picker Fixer

On Friday December 18, 2009 we will be talking with Rachel Resnick. Resnick’s memoir, “Love Junkie: A Memoir of Love and Sex Addiction,” candidly chronicles her lifelong attraction to bad relationships and sex in order to fulfill the need for love. Resnick describes how a loveless childhood brought about her addiction to relationships with really bad men. That her mother’s mental instability caused her to marry a man who was incapable of love, and how this set Rachel up for destructive relationships. Such as the tattooed ex-con named Eddie, who was prone to vulgar verbal attacks and fits of terrifying physical rage.

Resnick will explain how her low self-esteem caused her to chase after dangerous, unavailable and cruel romantic partners. Also, how her addiction would lead her to engage in lewd, often risky acts. We will discuss what love addiction is and how it differs from a healthy relationship. You will learn what the three big red flags that might tell a person that he or she’s in love-junkie territory. Find out how having a broken picker or love at first sight might indicate that you need to take a look at your patterns. And, finally what help is available if you or someone you know needs it. Please join us as we discuss this very intimate and often very painful subject.

Show Schedule

Monday: Holistic Lifestyles Open Forum 2-3pmEST

Tuesday: Spiritual Recovery 2-3pmEST

Wednesday: Vegan Principals/Fitness 2-3pmEST

Thursday: Holistic Lifestyles Open Forum 2-3pmEST

Friday: Whole Relationships w/ Dawn 2-3pmEST

Saturday: "Third Eye Live" 4-6pmEST

Sunday: Spotlight on Addiction Recovery 9-11pmEST

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