Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Brain Training Centers of Florida are certified licensees of Brain State Technologies.

"When a brain becomes balanced and harmonized, it reaches a place of homeostasis, of operating under and with a certain grade or level of potency and potential that it did not have previously.

"I do know this, when there is the balance and harmony and the homeostasis does take place, many pathologies we have seen have actually ceased or have been greatly reduced.

"Many pathologies that we have seen people walk in the door with, when they balanced and harmonized their brain patterns, those pathologies seem to lessen greatly or be completely removed."

~Lee Gerdes
Founder/CEO of Brain State Technologies

If you have questions about the Brain State Conditioning technology utilized by the Brain Training Centers of Florida, or if you would like to be contacted for a personal consultation or to schedule an appointment, please call Geoff Cole at 305.796.6979 or use the form at Contact