Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Pursuit of Happiness By Carol Harblin

Sometimes in our everyday lives, people find it difficult to see happiness or to crack a smile. They may ask, “How can I be happy when my life is falling apart?”
Life doesn’t actually fall apart but it can change. The “falling apart” we feel is only a change or a vibration that is different from what you are used to. Change is not a bad thing. It’s important not to dwell on thinking about the whole picture and only look at what you can do today, or even tomorrow. We can dream and we can make long term plans but it we have to realize we cannot change anything or anybody except US.

How do we find happiness? Does it come in a flat screen TV? A vacation? A new car? No. Happiness is not bought, it is something that we have nurtured in our souls and in our heart since we were born. Happiness is when we can smile at just being in our own company.
When we finally befriend our true self, we begin to smile more and more because we realize we are NEVER alone as long as we have our self.

Happiness is found in true love, true self, and even laughter among friends and family. Ask yourself this, what would make you happiest – a new car or the embrace of a loved one or a mirthful laugh among friends?

A new car may smell good and make you feel good but it is only a fleeting moment. That new car won’t be new forever and it won’t smell new forever. That newness will wear out. The feeling of love with yourself, friends, and family is a feeling that will enrich your soul and will be kept inside you forever.
Search within yourself, don’t search and find things from outside of yourself.