Thursday, March 11, 2010

GMO’s: Ay or Nay? By Carol Harblin

Genetically modified foods is a hot topic and also controversial. Some people are on the fence about it. Some are strongly for it and others are strongly against it.
Those in favor of GMO’s think that it will help food shortages and end hunger. It’s a good intention, but it’s not natural. It’s genetically modified and altered. It may be no healthier than milk with hormones and antibiotics.
When we see the fruits and vegetables that may just be a bit larger than usual, don’t buy it. Have we ever seen a strawberry three times its size twenty years ago?
Again, the idea of GMO’s is all about money and getting more for the dollar. It is not necessarily looking out for our best interests.
Everything that is done nowadays is always about money and how to get more for a cheaper price. Ever hear the saying, “You get what you pay for?”
It may be great to buy genetically modified food, but think about how it will affect us later on – and at that time, it won’t be so cheap!
Paying a little more out of pocket now may save you some money later.
Do you want to be the guinea pig for all the chemicals they are putting in our foods? Not me, not now.
Keep it simple and go Organic.