Tuesday, March 2, 2010

In Brain Training Today: Update: For a limited time, contact us about your $49 introductory brain training session (value: $300).

In Brain Training Today: March 2nd, 2010

Today we are empowering brains utilizing our Brain Wave Optimization with Real Time Balancing system powered by Brain State Technologies to strengthen the processing of seven different peoples’ brains. The issues people are coming to see us at the Brain Training Centers of Florida include, but are not limited to the following, “No Issues just want my brain to work better”, anxiety, addictions, teenager having problems integrating information – cognitive functioning, sleep issues, phobias, chronic fear, chronic pain, chronic fatigue, depression, sadness, despair, and panic attacks.

If you have questions about the Brain State Conditioning technology utilized by the Brain Training Centers of Florida, or if you would like to be contacted for a personal consultation or to schedule an appointment, please call Geoff Cole at or www.braintrainingcentersfl.com/train-your-brain/