Monday, March 1, 2010

What is Willard Water?

March 1st John Hollis Interviews John W. Willard The 3rd About The 30 Year History Of Willard Water. Dr.John W. Willard, Ph.D, invented Catalyst Altered Water (CAW) in the late 1960s and re-named his product “Willard Water®” shortly after 60 Minutes aired a detailed story on Dr. Willard and his invention in 1980. Willard Water® is many things to many people, and is used in a variety of ways. What seems to be the common denominator is that Dr. Willard’s Water® is a more efficient form of water. Technically, the molecular structure of H2O is altered by a catalyst. As a result, the Catalyst Altered Water (CAW) acts as a normalizer on all living things not in a healthy state. When consumed regularly, Dr. Willard’s Water® can help assimilate nutrients more efficiently, increase enzyme activity and strengthen the immune system. The following pages will explain in detail how Dr. Willard’s Water® actually works and the amazing story of its discovery.

* What is Catalyst Altered Water (CAW)?
* How does Willard Water®Work?
* Who is Dr. John Willard?

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