Thursday, March 11, 2010

Ken Seeley Of Intervention 911 Live On Holistic Lifestyles Radio Thursday March 4TH,2010 At 2PM EST

Listen Live At 2PM EST Thursday March 4th,2010 To Hear The Story Of Ken Seeley On Holistic Lifestyles Radio Live From WWNN 1470 AM Radio.

Ken Seeley Board Registered Interventionist (Level) II
Registered Addiction Specialist
Certified National Drug & Alcohol Interventionist

The mission of service to the recovery
community begins with Intervention 911 founder Ken Seeley. Certified by the National Association of Drug and Alcohol
Interventionists, Ken has been professionally and personally involved in the recovery community for over 16 years and his experience and enthusiasm is reflected throughout Intervention 911.

Mr. Seeley himself has been clean and sober since July 14, 1989. He has worked in recovery full time in many different capacities ever since but his most gratifying work has been the organizing of countless interventions.

Ken explains why he created Intervention 911, "There is nothing more rewarding than helping to bring the health I cherish to others." He takes personal pride in his team of interventionists and each of his clients.

Word of Ken Seeley's success rate as an interventionist has piqued the interest of doctors and other health care professionals. He is often asked to provide drug intervention
training for addiction and mental health professionals. He has recently been involved in television programs about interventions and welcomes any opportunity to share his knowledge to increase the chances of successful interventions while avoiding dangers.

Ken's extensive professional experience as well as his personal history in recovery gives him a comprehensive understanding of addict
behavior, thought processes and compassion for his fellow addicts.

The stress of an addict is a huge weight to burden love ones with. Ken will help to relieve the anxiety caused by feeling helplessness and powerlessness. He works with many different treatment facilities and will find the one best suited for your needs. He will give you a course of action to start the one you love on the road to a healthier and more productive life.

In Face It and Fix It, Ken Seeley's guide to learning what denial truly is and how it keeps us from being stable and happy, Ken shares the tools he uses with some of his toughest clients to help us put an end to denial before it takes over our lives.

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